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Mood Adjustment via Mass Communication
The author has proposed and experimentally tested the mood adjustment approach, complementing mood management theory. Participants were placed in an initial mood and led to anticipate differentExpand
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Mood Management via the Digital Jukebox
This study took popular music from the Top 30 charts and, in a pretest, evaluated its energy and joyfulness as musical qualities. The findings were used to create sets of musical selections that wereExpand
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Does Entertainment Suffer From Interactivity? The Impact of Watching an Interactive TV Movie on Viewers' Experience of Entertainment
To investigate whether interactivity enhances entertainment in interdependence with individual factors, an experiment with a 3 × 2 between_subject design was conducted. 427 participants aged betweenExpand
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Effects of Salience Dimensions of Informational Utility on Selective Exposure to Online News
An Internet newsmagazine was created to ascertain effects of three dimensions of news salience—magnitude, likelihood, and immediacy of events—on selective news exposure. In an overview, leads of halfExpand
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Rock, rap, and rebellion: comparisons of traits predicting selective exposure to defiant music
Abstract After the assessment of various traits pertaining to adolescent rebelliousness, respondents were placed in a private situation that allowed them to listen to selections of an assortment ofExpand
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Effects of Photographs on the Selective Reading of News Reports
Respondents examined an experimental news magazine composed of manipulated and unmanipulated articles about relevant social issues. The manipulated articles either featured no photograph, anExpand
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Appeal of Love Themes in Popular Music
The relationship between romantic satisfaction versus discontent and a preference for music celebrating versus lamenting love is explored. The satisfaction/discontent was ascertained in 60 collegeExpand
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Children's Sex‐Stereotyped Self‐Socialization Through Selective Exposure to Entertainment: Cross‐Cultural Experiments in Germany, China, and the United States
Chinese, German, and U.S. American 4- to 6-year-old boys and girls were asked to select videos of children stories that they would most like to see. Choices were either between pairs of story videosExpand
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Suspense and Mystery
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Effects of Salient News Items on Information Acquisition and Issue Perception
Abstract. A medical news report was manipulated to project either Alabama or Texas as the target region for the outbreak of a new (fictitious) disease. Residents of Alabama and Texas responded toExpand
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