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Microbiological evaluation of dental unit water systems in general dental practice in Europe.
A range of opportunistic pathogens have been associated with dental unit water systems (DUWS), particularly in the biofilms that can line the tubing. This study therefore aimed to assess theExpand
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Comparison of the Efficacies of Disinfectants To Control Microbial Contamination in Dental Unit Water Systems in General Dental Practices across the European Union
ABSTRACT Water delivered by dental unit water systems (DUWS) in general dental practices can harbor high numbers of bacteria, including opportunistic pathogens. Expand
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Patulin, a further clastogenic mycotoxin, is negative in the SCE assay in Chinese hamster V79-E cells in vitro.
Patulin is a potent inducer of chromatid-type aberrations in Chinese hamster V79-E cells, but loses its activity when 9000 g supernatant of rat-liver homogenate is added. The narrow dose range ofExpand
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Activity of citrinin metabolized by rat and human microsome fractions in clastogenicity and SCE assays on Chinese hamster V79-E cells.
The mycotoxin citrinin is a potent inducer of chromosomal aberrations in the clastogenicity assay on V79-E cells when metabolized by rat and human liver microsomes. Rat and human liver microsomes,Expand
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Genotoxicity of Fusarium mycotoxins (nivalenol, fusarenon-X, T-2 toxin, and zearalenone) in Chinese hamster V79-E cells in vitro.
The mycotoxins nivalenol, fusarenon-X, T-2 toxin and zearalenone were checked for clastogenic damage, induction of SCEs and cell cycle delay in Chinese hamster V79-E cells in vitro. TheExpand
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Ecological Control: In Vitro Inhibition of Anaerobic Bacteria by Oral Streptococci
It has been proposed that oral malodour occurs at neutral and alkaline pH, and is inhibited by an acid environment. Thus the production of lactic and acetic acids from carbohydrate fermentation byExpand
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[Clinical controlled study on the treatment of deep carious lesions in deciduous molars].
Compared with a step-by-step procedure, the one-step excavation of deep carious lesions in primary molars proved to be the treatment of choice in a clinically, microbiologically and histologicallyExpand
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The Effects of Non-Fluoridated and Fluoridated Milk on Experimental Caries in Rats
The aim of the present investigation was to determine the caries-protective potential of non-fluoridated and fluoridated milk and to compare the efficacy of different compounds of fluoride asExpand
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A randomized clinical trial comparing the impact of different oral hygiene protocols and sealant applications on plaque, gingival, and caries index scores.
OBJECTIVE This prospective randomized clinical trial investigated the impact of different tooth brushing strategies and sealant application on patients with fixed appliances: plaque, gingival, cariesExpand
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Methods for determination of aflatoxins.
  • S. Kneist, H. A. Koch
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Materia medica Polona. Polish journal of medicine…
  • 1 April 1978
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