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Lipid multilayer gratings.
The interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter can be controlled by structuring the matter on the scale of the wavelength of light, and various photonic components have been made by structuringExpand
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Photophysics of organically-capped silicon nanocrystals – A closer look into silicon nanocrystal luminescence using low temperature transient spectroscopy
Abstract In this paper a systematic and detailed study on the photophysical behavior of silicon nanocrystals (alkyl-capped, surface oxidized, oxide-encapsulated) is presented in order to elucidateExpand
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Integrated photonic lab-on-chip systems for biomedical applications
Currently, one may find a wide variety of approaches for integrated lab-on-chip systems developed for applications in the biomedical field. Our contributions within the area of polymer based photonicExpand
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Spatial mapping of photocurrents in organic solar cells comprising wedge-shaped absorber layers for an efficient material screening
Abstract In this work we present a facile route to an efficient experimental screening of new materials and to a layer thickness optimization in solution processable polymer photovoltaic devices.Expand
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Low-threshold conical microcavity dye lasers
We report on lasing in rhodamine 6G-doped, conical polymeric microcavities with high quality factors fabricated on a silicon substrate. Threshold pump energies as low as 3 nJ are achieved byExpand
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Plastic lab-on-a-chip for fluorescence excitation with integrated organic semiconductor lasers.
Laser light excitation of fluorescent markers offers highly sensitive and specific analysis for bio-medical or chemical analysis. To profit from these advantages for applications in the field or atExpand
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Strongly confined, low-threshold laser modes in organic semiconductor microgoblets.
We investigate lasing from high-Q, polymeric goblet-type microcavities covered by an organic semiconductor gain layer. We analyze the optical modes in the high-Q cavities using finite elementExpand
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Continuously tunable solution-processed organic semiconductor DFB lasers pumped by laser diode.
The fabrication and characterization of continuously tunable, solution-processed distributed feedback (DFB) lasers in the visible regime is reported. Continuous thin film thickness gradients wereExpand
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All-polymer organic semiconductor laser chips: parallel fabrication and encapsulation.
Organic semiconductor lasers are of particular interest as tunable visible laser light sources. For bringing those to market encapsulation is needed to ensure practicable lifetimes. Additionally,Expand
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Compact spectroscopy system based on tunable organic semiconductor lasers
We applied a continuously tunable organic semiconductor thin film laser for high resolution transmission spectroscopy. Using a suitable encapsulation application of that low-cost laser device allowedExpand
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