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What does cross-linguistic variation in semantic coordination of speech and gesture reveal? Evidence for an interface representation of spatial thinking and speaking
Gestures that spontaneously accompany speech convey information coordinated with the concurrent speech. There has been considerable theoretical disagreement about the process by which thisExpand
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How representational gestures help speaking
Introduction The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the speaker-internal motivation to produce representational gestures. Consequently, the communicative aspects of gesture will be backgrounded inExpand
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The morphology of globus pallidus projection neurons in the rat: an intracellular staining study
The morphology of 23 intracellularly stained projection neurons of rat globus pallidus (GP) was studied in light microscopic preparations. The somatic size of these projection neurons was highlyExpand
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Semantic typology and spatial conceptualization
This project collected linguistic data for spatial relations across a typologically and genetically varied set of languages. In the linguistic analysis, we focus on the ways in which propositions mayExpand
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Pointing: Where language, culture, and cognition meet
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The sound symbolism bootstrapping hypothesis for language acquisition and language evolution
  • M. Imai, S. Kita
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B…
  • 19 September 2014
Sound symbolism is a non-arbitrary relationship between speech sounds and meaning. We review evidence that, contrary to the traditional view in linguistics, sound symbolism is an important designExpand
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Can language restructure cognition? The case for space
Frames of reference are coordinate systems used to compute and specify the location of objects with respect to other objects. These have long been thought of as innate concepts, built into ourExpand
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Sound symbolism facilitates early verb learning
Some words are sound-symbolic in that they involve a non-arbitrary relationship between sound and meaning. Here, we report that 25-month-old children are sensitive to cross-linguistically validExpand
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On-line Integration of Semantic Information from Speech and Gesture: Insights from Event-related Brain Potentials
We investigate whether communicative gestures that often spontaneously co-occur with speech are processed in a similar fashion and integrated to previous sentence context in the same way as lexical meaning. Expand
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Gesture and the process of speech production: We think, therefore we gesture
At what point in the process of speech production is gesture involved? According to the Lexical Retrieval Hypothesis, gesture is involved in generating the surface forms of utterances. Specifically,Expand
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