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Hell on Earth – Systematic Rape in Eastern Congo
Regulating the Sharing Economy: A Field Perspective
Critics increasingly highlight the dark sides of the sharing economy resulting from the insufficient regulation of competition, labor, or taxes in its for-profit sector. In this chapter, the authorsExpand
Changes in workplace situation and work values. Relations and dynamics within different employment regimes
Workplace situation as well as work values have apparently changed in the last decades. However, up to now we do not know how these changes are related. This article considers both, workplaceExpand
Identifying work value patterns: cross-national comparison and historical dynamics
Purpose - – The purpose of this paper is to identify and characterize different work value patterns empirically. Furthermore, it is analyzed how these patterns are distributed in different countriesExpand
New Directions for the Concept of the Institutional Script
The concept of the script has been a constant companion of institutional thinking of organization. This nano-paper is devoted to unpack aspects that have often remained implicit, particularly theExpand
Organizational identities and institutions: Dynamics of the organizational core as a question of path dependence
Organizational identity is a mechanism that mediates between external pressures and internal demands on continuity. The concept of organizational identity is considered to be central to solving theExpand
How Organizations Become Enduring: Disentangling the Organizational Identity Paradox
Persistence, the “ugly twin” of change, tends to be overshadowed by the more fashionable questions of innovation and novelty. Yet, especially in turbulent and shifting technological andExpand