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Relaxed selective constraints drove functional modifications in peripheral photoreception of the cavefish P. andruzzii and provide insight into the time of cave colonization
The genetic basis of phenotypic changes in extreme environments is a key but rather unexplored topic in animal evolution. Here we provide an exemplar case of evolution by relaxed selection in theExpand
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Paraphyly and budding speciation in the hairy snail (Pulmonata, Hygromiidae)
Delimitation of species is often complicated by discordance of morphological and genetic data. This may be caused by the existence of cryptic or polymorphic species. The latter case is particularlyExpand
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Phylogeography and systematics of Pyramidula (Pulmonata: Pyramidulidae) in the eastern Alps: still a taxonomic challenge
The rock-dwelling land snail Pyramidula pusilla was analysed genetically and morphologically with an emphasis on its eastern Alpine distributional area. Genetic variation and phylogeographic patternsExpand
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Characterization of 19 new microsatellite loci for the Omani barb Garra barreimiae from 454 sequences
BackgroundGarra barreimiae is a cyprinid fish from the southeastern Arabian Peninsula, which inhabits regularly desiccating wadis and survives in isolated ponds or underground. In 1984 aExpand
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Revision of the Garra species of the Hajar Mountains in Oman and the United Arab Emirates with the description of two new species (Teleostei: Cyprinidae).
The Garra species inhabiting the Hajar Mountains are revised and five species are recognised, two of which are newly species described herein. Garra barreimiae, from the United Arab Emirates (UAE)Expand
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Investigating gene flow between the blind cavefish Garra barreimiae and its conspecific surface populations
Cave-dwelling taxa often share the same phenotypic modifications like absence of eyes and pigmentation. These “troglomorphic characters” are expressed in the populations of Garra barreimiae from theExpand
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Phylogeography of the land snail genus Orcula (Orculidae, Stylommatophora) with emphasis on the Eastern Alpine taxa: speciation, hybridization and morphological variation
BackgroundThe Central and Southern European mountain ranges represent important biodiversity hotspots and show high levels of endemism. In the land snail genus Orcula Held, 1837 nine species areExpand
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Following the thread: Female identity and spirituality
FOLLOWING THE THREAD: FEMALE IDENTITY AND SPIRITUALITY Sandra R. Kirchner This study explored the ways that young women negotiated relationships between personal identity and spirituality in theirExpand