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Phase Sensitivity Characterization in Fiber-Optic Sensor Systems Using Amplifiers and TDM
We present an analytical approach to accurately model the phase sensitivity, and provide simple analytical formulae, useful in the design, comparison and optimization of multiplexed amplifiedExpand
Distributed fiber optic acoustic sensor for leak detection
Leaks in dielectric fluid-filled, high-voltage distribution lines can cause significant problems for the electric power industry. Often, these lines run over long distance and are difficult toExpand
Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensors: An Overview
  • S. Kingsley
  • Materials Science, Engineering
  • Optics & Photonics
  • 3 January 1986
This paper reviews recent developments in distributed fiber optic sensing systems (DFOSS) employing optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR), polarization optical time domain reflectometry (POTDR),Expand
An integrated photonic Mach-Zehnder interferometer with no electrodes for sensing electric fields
A new configuration for a Mach-Zehnder interferometric electric field sensor device utilizing the electrooptic effect is reported. The lithium niobate device uses no metallic electrodes and operatesExpand
Method of phase-modulating signals in optical fibres: application to optical-telemetry systems
By attaching a piezoelectric transducer that modulates the mechanical tension over a short section of fibre, signals in optical fibres are phase modulated. The technique is applicable to a I-wayExpand
Advanced materials and device technology for photonic electric field sensors
Photonic methods for electric field sensing have been demonstrated across the electromagnetic spectrum from near-DC to millimeter waves, and at field strengths from microvolts-per-meter toExpand
OFDR Diagnostics For Fiber/Integrated Optic Systems And High Resolution Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing
Optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) shows promise as a diagnostic tool for high resolution ranging in fiber optic networks/integrated optic devices, and for high resolution distributedExpand
Optical SETI observatories in the new millennium: a review
The Optical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is now 40 years old. However, it was only during the closing years of the 20th Century, after a 25-year hiatus, that the optical search hasExpand