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Microwave heating applications in environmental engineering—a review
This paper presents a review of microwave heating applications in environmental engineering. A number of areas are assessed, including contaminated soil remediation, waste processing, mineralsExpand
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Chemical recycling of carbon fibre composites using alcohols under subcritical and supercritical conditions
Abstract Chemical recycling of carbon fibre reinforced composites (CFRCs) has been investigated using subcritical and supercritical alcohols as reactive-extraction media. The epoxy resin that joinsExpand
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Microwave technology for energy-efficient processing of waste
This paper discusses the potential use of microwave technology as an energy-efficient alternative to current heating technologies employed in the processing and treatment of waste. The processExpand
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Particulates from mining operations: A review of sources, effects and regulations
Abstract This paper presents an overview of issues relevant to particulates production and emission within the mineral industries. It summarises the basic definitions and classifications ofExpand
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Chemical recycling of carbon fibre reinforced composites in nearcritical and supercritical water
The potential for recycling of carbon fibre reinforced epoxy composites in water at supercritical or nearcritical conditions was studied. Experiments were devised in order to identify the significantExpand
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Microwave Pyrolysis of Wood Pellets
The pyrolysis of wood pellets was investigated using a single-mode microwave cavity, and the dielectric properties of the wood were measured at temperatures up to 750 °C. Below 600 °C, the onlyExpand
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Effect of demineralization and heating rate on the pyrolysis kinetics of Jordanian oil shales
Abstract The effect of mineral matter content on the activation energy of oil shale pyrolysis has been studied. Kerogen was isolated from raw oil shale by sequential HCl and HCl/HF digestion. OilExpand
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Recent developments in microwave-assisted comminution
Abstract The influence of high electric field strength microwave energy on copper carbonatite ore has been elucidated. It has been shown that very short exposures times can lead to significantExpand
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The influence of mineralogy on microwave assisted grinding
The influence of mineralogy on microwave assisted grinding is elucidated. Detailed mineralogical analysis of various commercially exploited ores was carried out and the textural relationships betweenExpand
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Understanding microwave assisted breakage
Abstract A finite difference quasi-static thermo-mechanical 2-D model of a theoretical 2-phase mineral is constructed. The aim is to simulate the thermal stresses generated and subsequent thermalExpand
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