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Identification of a new variant of fimA gene of Porphyromonas gingivalis and its distribution in adults and disabled populations with periodontitis.
Porphyromonas gingivalis fimbriae are critical for the promotion of bacterial infection. The fimA gene encoding fimbrillin, a subunit of fimbriae, has been classified into five genotypes (types I toExpand
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A novel complex locus UGT1 encodes human bilirubin, phenol, and other UDP-glucuronosyltransferase isozymes with identical carboxyl termini.
Two human liver UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (transferase) cDNAs, HUG-Br1 and HUG-Br2, were previously isolated (Ritter, J. K., Crawford, J. M., and Owens, I. S. (1991) J. Biol. Chem. 266, 1043-1047),Expand
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Molecular size and shape of beta-connectin, an elastic protein of striated muscle.
Connectin is an elastic protein of vertebrate striated muscle, and consists of doublet components, alpha and beta (also called titins 1 and 2). In the present study, beta-connectin isolated in theExpand
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Characterization and molecular cloning of a glutamyl endopeptidase from Staphylococcus epidermidis.
A novel extracellular endopeptidase, designated GluSE, was purified from Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC 14990 cultured by the dialysis membrane technique, and the structural gene (gseA) was cloned.Expand
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Elastic filaments in situ in cardiac muscle: deep-etch replica analysis in combination with selective removal of actin and myosin filaments
To clarify the full picture of the connectin (titin) filament network in situ, we selectively removed actin and myosin filaments from cardiac muscle fibers by gelsolin and potassium acetateExpand
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Binding of the N‐terminal 63 kDa portion of connectin/titin to α‐actinin as revealed by the yeast two‐hybrid system
Connectin/titin is a 3000 kDa protein which links the myosin filament to the Z‐line in vertebrate striated muscle sarcomeres. To search for the Z‐line proteins to which connectin binds, the yeastExpand
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S100ao (alpha alpha) protein is mainly located in the heart and striated muscles.
Concentrations of alpha-S100 protein (S100ao or alpha alpha form, and S100a or alpha beta form) and beta-S100 protein (S100b or beta beta form, and S100a or alpha beta form) in various human tissuesExpand
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The N-terminal Z repeat 5 of connectin/titin binds to the C-terminal region of alpha-actinin.
Connectin/titin, a 3000 kDa protein, links the Z line to the myosin filament in striated muscle sarcomeres. Using the yeast two-hybrid system, the present work shows that the N-terminal Z repeat 5Expand
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The importance of fimbriae in the virulence and ecology of some oral bacteria.
Cumulative evidence indicates that bacterial adherence to mucosal and tooth surfaces as well as bacterial coaggregation are essential steps for colonization of various oral bacterial species.Expand
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Connectin, an elastic protein of muscle. Effects of proteolytic enzymes in situ.
The effects of various proteolytic enzymes on the high molecular weight protein (connectin) present in a direct sodium dodecyl sulfate extract of myofibrils from chicken breast muscle were studied inExpand
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