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Phylogenetic relationships and natural hybridization in rabbitfishes (Teleostei: Siganidae) inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA analyses.
Phylogenetic relationships of rabbitfishes (the family Siganidae), ecologically important components as primary consumers in coral reef communities, were studied using mitochondrial cytochrome b gene and nuclear ITS1 sequence analyses, suggesting that hybridization is much more prevalent in marine fishes than previously assumed. Expand
Size-Dependent Male Alternative Reproductive Tactics in the Shell-Brooding Cichlid Fish Lamprologus callipterus in Lake Tanganyika
The analyses of body condition among ripe and unripe males across a wide range of body sizes suggested that onset of sexual activities at very small body sizes in dwarf males may be associated with higher condition factors that is a pre-requisite for maintaining investment in testes and intense reproductive activities. Expand
Revision of the genus Nuchequula with descriptions of three new species (Perciformes: Leiognathidae)
Although the genus was first established as a subgenus of Eubleekeria, it is here raised to generic level on the basis of the aforementioned morphological characters and recent molecular biological evidence. Expand
Phylogenetic Diversity and Cosymbiosis in the Bioluminescent Symbioses of “Photobacterium mandapamensis”
The results, which are the first report of bacterial cosymbiosis in fish light organs and the first demonstration that P. leiognathi is not the exclusive light organ symbiont ofLeiognathid fishes, demonstrate that the host species ranges of P. mandapamensis and P.LeIognathi are substantially distinct. Expand
Phylogenetic analysis of host–symbiont specificity and codivergence in bioluminescent symbioses
In several associations, bacterial species identities contradicted strict host family bacterial species specificity and the hypothesis of codivergence in bioluminescent symbioses was refuted. Expand
Redescription ofpolydactylus macrochir (günther, 1867), a senior synonym ofP. sheridani (macleay, 1884) (perciformes: Polynemidae)
Polydactylus macrochir (Günther, 1867), for many years identified asP. sheridani (Macleay, 1884), is redescribed as valid and a senior synonym of the latter species, following examination of theExpand
Descriptions of Two New Pricklebacks (Perciformes: Stichaeidae) from Japan
Two new Japanese stichaeid fishes, Zoarchias hosoyai and Z. macrocephalus, are de- scribed on the basis of 5 specimens from Hakui, Ishikawa (coast of Japan Sea), and 37 specimens from Ago Bay, Shima, Mie (Pacific coast), re- spectively. Expand
Taxonomic revision of the Equulites elongatus (Günther 1874) species group (Perciformes: Leiognathidae) with the description of a new species
Taxonomic analysis of a group of morphologically similar and phylogenetically related ponyfishes (Perciformes: Leiognathidae) establishes the Equulites elongatus species group comprising three validExpand
Revision of the Indo-West Pacific polynemid fish genus Eleutheronema (Teleostei: Perciformes)
Eleutheronema tridactylum is easily distinguished from both E. rhadinum and E. tetradactylum by having a dense black pectoral fin, and intraspecific variations and morphological changes with growth of the three species are discussed. Expand