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Pharmacological studies on a new antihypertensive agent, S-2150, a benzothiazepine derivative: 3. Hypotensive and antimyocardial-stunning effects in dogs.
The results suggest that S-2150 is a favorable hypotensive agent for hypertensive patients with ischemic heart disease, and blockage of both Ca2+ channels and alpha 1-adrenoceptors by S- 2150 seems to lead to cardiovascular effects different from those of diltiazem. Expand
Antiarrhythmic effect of aprindine on several types of ventricular arrhythmias.
Propranolol had a strong antiarrhythmic effect against epinephrine and ouabain arrhythmias, but it did not increase sinus beats in ischemic arrh rhythmias. Expand
Synthesis and antiarrhythmic activity of new 1-[1-[2-[3-(alkylamino)-2-hydroxypropoxy]phenyl]vinyl]-1 H-imidazoles and related compounds.
Asymmetric synthesis of (R)-(+)- and (S)-(-)-48 is described, and it is proven that there is no stereospecificity in the antiarrhythmic effect of 48. Expand
[Effects of antiarrhythmic agents on ventricular arrhythmias following myocardial infarct induced with glass beads in dogs (author's transl)].
Ventricular arrhythmias due to myocardial infarct were produced in 14 dogs, and the antiarrhytmic effects of quinidine (Qd), lidocaine (Lid), aprindine (Apr), and dl-propranolol (dl-Prop) wereExpand
Actions of a newly synthesized compound (711389-S) on various types of experimentally induced arrhythmias in mammalian species in situ.
Results indicate that 711389-S has similar antiarrhythmic effects to those of other Class I antiarrHythmic agents in situ, and they suggest that this compound might have potential usefulness as a new type of antiarr hythmic agent for clinical use. Expand
Studies on the anticholinesterase and twitch potentiation activities of galanthamine.
Some pharmacological studies on the cardiotonic effects of furanosteroidal glycosides.
Comparison of lethal doses between intravenous and oral administration of cardiac glycosides in pigeons and cats suggested that gastrointestinal absorption of FGBD and FGTD is inferior to that of digitoxin but superior to those of gitoxigenin bisdigitoxoside and gitoxin. Expand