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Cassini Observes the Active South Pole of Enceladus
The shape of Enceladus suggests a possible intense heating epoch in the past by capture into a 1:4 secondary spin/orbit resonance.
The role of volatiles and lithology in the impact cratering process.
A survey of published descriptions of 32 of the largest, least eroded terrestrial impact structures shows that the amount of melt at craters in crystalline rocks is approximately two orders of
Thermodynamics and lattice vibrations of minerals: 5. Applications to phase equilibria, isotopic fractionation, and high‐pressure thermodynamic properties
In previous papers in this series, a model that uses available elastic, structural, and spectroscopic data on minerals has been used to predict the thermodynamic functions Cv (heat capacity), S
Sound Speed in Liquid-Gas Mixtures' Water-Air and Water-Steam
The sound speed of a two-phase fluid, such as a magma-gas, water-air, or water-steam mixture, is dramatically different from the sound speed of either pure component. In numerous geologic situations
Shock metamorphism of the Coconino Sandstone at Meteor Crater, Arizona
A study of the shocked Coconino sandstone from Meteor Crater, Arizona, was undertaken to examine the role of porosity in the compression of rocks and in the formation of highpressure phases. A suite
Laboratory studies of volcanic jets
The study of the fluid dynamics of violent volcanic eruptions by laboratory experiment is described, and the important fluid-dynamic processes that can be examined in laboratory models are discussed
Shock processes in porous quartzite: Transmission electron microscope observations and theory
A high-resolution study of shocked Coconino Sandstone from Meteor Crater, Arizona, was undertaken using transmission electron microscopy to investigate the textural relations of high-pressure phases
Thermodynamics and lattice vibrations of minerals: 3. Lattice dynamics and an approximation for minerals with application to simple substances and framework silicates
The principles of lattice dynamics are briefly reviewed in this paper, and from these principles a simple, generally applicable lattice vibrational spectrum is proposed for minerals. The spectrum can
Shocked basalt from Lonar Impact Crater, India, and experimental analogues
Samples of Lonar basalts were experimentally shocked in vacuum to pressures between 200 and 650 kbar by a 20 mm, high-velocity gun. Plagioclase and palagonite in experimentally shocked samples show