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Generation of phase singularity through diffracting a plane or Gaussian beam by a spiral phase plate.
An analytical expression for Fresnel diffraction of a plane wave by a spiral phase plate (SPP) that imparts an arbitrary-order phase singularity on the light field is deduced and the far-field intensity distribution is derived.
Hypergeometric modes.
A new family of paraxial laser beams that form an orthogonal basis that is proportional to the degenerate (confluent) hypergeometric function is discussed, and such beams hypergeomet (HyG) modes are generated with a liquid-crystal microdisplay.
Diffraction of a plane, finite-radius wave by a spiral phase plate.
We derive analytical expressions containing a hypergeometric function to describe the Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction of a plane wave of circular and ringlike cross section by a spiral phase plate
The Phase Rotor Filter
Abstract We report creation by photolithography techniques of the phase rotor filter, an optical element whose complex transmittance depends in a linear fashion on the azimuth angle. Relationships
Polarization converter for higher-order laser beams using a single binary diffractive optical element as beam splitter.
We propose a new approach to generating a pair of initial beams for a polarization converter that operates by summing up two opposite-sign circularly polarized beams. The conjugated pairs of vortex
Experimental demonstration of the generation of the longitudinal E-field component on the optical axis with high-numerical-aperture binary axicons illuminated by linearly and circularly polarized
We analytically and numerically show that by introducing asymmetry into axicon design it becomes possible to generate the longitudinal E-field component on the optical axis for linearly and