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Irregular Identification, Support Conditions, and Inverse Weight Estimation
In weighted moment condition models, we show a subtle link between identification and estimability that limits the practical usefulness of estimators based on these models. In particular, if it isExpand
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This paper considers estimation of a sample selection model subject to conditional heteroskedasticity in both the selection and outcome equations. The form of heteroskedasticity allowed for in eachExpand
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Inference on endogenously censored regression models using conditional moment inequalities
Under a quantile restriction, randomly censored regression models can be written in terms of conditional moment inequalities. We study the identified features of these moment inequalities withExpand
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In this paper we propose an estimation procedure for a censored regression model where the latent regression function has a partially linear form. Based on a conditional quantile restriction, weExpand
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Distribution Free Estimation of Heteroskedastic Binary Response Models Using Probit/Logit Criterion Functions
In this paper estimators for distribution free heteroskedastic binary response models are proposed. The estimation procedures are based on relationships between distribution free models with aExpand
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Two-stage rank estimation of quantile index models
Abstract This paper estimates a class of models which satisfy a monotonicity condition on the conditional quantile function of the response variable. This class includes as a special case theExpand
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The Impact of Piped Water Provision on Infant Mortality in Brazil: a Quantile Panel Data Approach
We examine the impact of piped water on the under-1 infant mortality rate (IMR) in Brazil using a novel econometric procedure for the estimation of quantile treatment effects with panel data. TheExpand
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Two-step estimation of semiparametric censored regression models
Root-n-consistent estimators of the regression coecients in the linear censored regression model under conditional quantile restrictions on the error terms were pro- posed by Powell (Journal ofExpand
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Testing for causal e ffects in a generalized regression model with endogenous regressors
A unifying framework to test for causal effects in nonlinear models is proposed. We consider a generalized linear-index regression model with endogenous regressors and no parametric assumptions onExpand
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Current pattern of perioperative practice in elective colorectal surgery; a questionnaire survey of ACPGBI members.
INTRODUCTION Enhanced recovery programmes (ERAS) are safe and have been shown to decrease the length of the hospital stay and complications following colorectal surgery. However implementation ofExpand
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