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Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Pakistani Panel Data
Using two variants of panel data analysis, we attempt to find the determinants of capital structure of KSE listed none-financial firms for the period 1994-2002. Pooled regression analysis was appliedExpand
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Herding behavior in the Pakistan stock exchange: Some new insights
This study attempts to examine the presence of herding behavior in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). The novel contribution of this paper is that it investigates the herding phenomenon from a largeExpand
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Efficacy and safety of mechanical versus manual compression in cardiac arrest - A Bayesian network meta-analysis.
AIM To compare relative efficacy and safety of mechanical compression devices (AutoPulse and LUCAS) with manual compression in patients with cardiac arrest undergoing cardiopulmonary resuscitationExpand
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Stock Return Volatility in Emerging Equity Market (Kse): The Relative Effects of Country and Global Factors
This paper focuses on the role of macroeconomic variables and global factors on the volatility of the stock returns in an emerging market like Pakistan. The paper uses two multivariate models,Expand
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Role of the Futures Market on Volatility and Price Discovery of the Spot Market: Evidence from Pakistan’s Stock Market
This paper focuses on the role of the financial futures market in the volatility of Pakistan’s stock market and determines whether the stock futures price is capable of providing some relevantExpand
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Firm Performance and the Nature of Agency Problems in Insiders-Controlled Firms: Evidence from Pakistan
This paper studies the impact of corporate ownership structure on firm performance. This paper tests whether policy intervention with respect to blockholding and higher managerial ownership isExpand
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Performance evaluation of open end and close end mutual funds in Pakistan
The study is about evaluating the performance of close and open end mutual funds in Pakistan. It provides guidance to the investors on how risk-adjusted-performance evaluation of mutual funds can beExpand
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Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Fundamentals: Linear Regression and Cointegration Analysis On Emerging Asian Economies
Primary objective of this paper is to find out the common sources of fluctuations in currency prices of Pak rupee, Indian rupee, Indonesia Rupiah, Korean Won and Sri Lankan Rupee against UnitedExpand
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Trading Volume and Stock Returns: Evidence from Pakistan's Stock Market
This paper investigates empirical contemporaneous and causal relationships between stock returns, trading volume and volatility of stock index in Pakistan’s stock market. The data relates to KarachiExpand
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Effects of Nutritional Supplements and Dietary Interventions on Cardiovascular Outcomes
Current U.S. dietary guidelines recommend several healthy eating patterns, including U.S., Mediterranean, and vegetarian diets (1). Although the guidelines recognize the occasional need forExpand
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