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Heart of Beirut: Reclaiming the Bourj
At the centre of Beirut lies the Bourj, one of the world's great public squares, as well as one of the most durable. The square is an 'open museum of the world's civilisations', resonating withExpand
Civil and Uncivil Violence in Lebanon: A History of the Internationalization of Communal Conflict
1. On Proxy Wars and Surrogate Victims2. The Radicalization of Communal Loyalties3. The Drift Into Incivility4. Peasants, Commoners, and Clerics: Resistance and Rebellion, 1820-18605. Revolt andExpand
Lebanon's Predicament
Arab society and culture : an esssential reader
Chapter 1: Promises of the Sociological and Literary Imagination Pamuk, Orhan. My Father's SuitcaseA". (The New Yorker, December 25, 2006 & January 1, 2007) Mills, C.W. The Promise. (The SociologicalExpand
Peace for Lebanon?: From War to Reconstruction
Part 1 Attempts at Conflict Resolution: Attempts at Conflict Resolution, 1975-1989, H. Faris The Ta'if Accord and the Syrian-Lebanese Treaty, J. Maila. Part 2 The Changing Geo-Political Environment:Expand
Protestant Missionaries in the Levant: Ungodly Puritans, 1820-1860
Part 1: On Calvinism, Evangelism and Puritanism 1. The Evangelical Imagination: New England Puritans and Foreign Missions 2. Universities as Nurseries of Piety 3. The World as an Enlarged New EnglandExpand
Recovering Beirut : urban design and post-war reconstruction
Resulting from a workshop organized by the Center for International Studies at MIT on urban planning and socio-economic reconstruction in post-war Lebanon, this work brings together establishedExpand
Family Firms and Industrial Development: The Lebanese Case
The relationship between traditions and industrial development or economic growth has always been subject to some moot and controversial considerations. Ever since Max Weber made the distinctionExpand