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Solubility of gold in arsenian pyrite
Although Au and As can be enriched up to the weight percent level in arsenian pyrite, there is little knowledge of their limiting concentrations and nature of incorporation. This study reports SIMSExpand
Global lithium resources: Relative importance of pegmatite, brine and other deposits
Abstract Previous studies of the availability of lithium for use in batteries to power electric vehicles (EVs) have reached the generally encouraging conclusion that resources are sufficient to meetExpand
Geochemistry and textures of gold-bearing arsenian pyrite, Twin Creeks, Nevada; implications for deposition of gold in carlin-type deposits
This study relates morphology, size, texture, and chemistry of arsenian pyrite in the Twin Creeks Carlin-type gold deposits to the chemical position and amount of gold that it contains. ArsenianExpand
A proposed new type of arsenian pyrite: Composition, nanostructure and geological significance
This report describes a new form of arsenian pyrite, called As3+-pyrite, in which As substitutes for Fe [(Fe,As)S2], in contrast to the more common form of arsenian pyrite, As1--pyrite, in which As1-Expand
The coupled geochemistry of Au and As in pyrite from hydrothermal ore deposits
The ubiquity of Au-bearing arsenian pyrite in hydrothermal ore deposits suggests that the coupled geochemical behaviour of Au and As in this sulfide occurs under a wide range of physico-chemicalExpand
“Invisible„ gold revealed: Direct imaging of gold nanoparticles in a Carlin-type deposit
Abstract Although As-rich, hydrothermal overgrowths on pyrite have been recognized as the primary host phase for Au in Carlin-type deposits in Nevada, the chemical and structural state of the Au hasExpand
Oxidation state of gold and arsenic in gold-bearing arsenian pyrite
Abstract XANES measurements on gold-bearing arsenian pyrite from the Twin Creeks Carlin-type gold deposits show that gold is present as both Au0 and AuI+ and arsenic is present at AsI-. Au0 isExpand
Gold and arsenic in iron sulfides from sediment-hosted disseminated gold deposits; implications for depositional processes
Secondary ion microscopic elemental distribution maps and quantitative measurements of Au and As concentrations in samples from five sediment-hosted disseminated gold deposits in Nevada present aExpand
Age of the Los Ranchos Formation, Dominican Republic: Timing and tectonic setting of primitive island arc volcanism in the Caribbean region
This study reports U-Pb ages for zircons from the Los Ranchos Formation, which is part of the primitive island arc sequence, the oldest volcanic rocks in the Greater Antilles. Zircons were analyzedExpand
Mineral Resources, Economics, and the Environment
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Origin of mineral deposits 3. Environmental geochemistry and mineral resources 4. Mineral exploration and production 5. Mineral law and land access 6. Mineral economics 7.Expand