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Polymix breeding with paternity analysis in Populus: a test for differential reproductive success (DRS) among pollen donors
Polymix breeding with paternity analysis (PMX/WPA) has been proposed as an alternative to traditional full-sib breeding and testing schemes. To fully capture the benefits of PMX/WPA, differentialExpand
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Identification of U.S.-Grown Hop Cultivars by Hop Acid and Essential Oil Analyses
The purpose of this research was to identify hop acid and essential oil characteristics that could be used to identify hop cultivars grown in the United States. Ten commercial cultivars wereExpand
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Population Biology of Pseudoperonospora humuli in Oregon and Washington.
Pseudoperonospora humuli populations from Oregon and Washington were analyzed for genetic variation using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and DNA amplification fingerprinting (DAF) markers.Expand
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Effect of deficit irrigation on yield quantity and quality, water productivity and economic returns of four cultivars of hops in the Yakima Valley, Washington State
Abstract Hop production, like all other water uses in the area, is facing water availability concerns. Deficit irrigation may address water scarcity issues in hop production. This study quantifiesExpand
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Structural integrity assessment of materials by the rmography
Thermographic approaches, passive and active, are widely used due to the outstanding advantages that offer in a number of applications and particularly for the assessment of materials. Nonetheless,Expand
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Hop Stunt Viroid: Effects on Vegetative Growth and Yield of Hop Cultivars, and Its Distribution in Central Washington State.
Hop stunt viroid (HSVd) is an economically important pathogen that reduces growth and yield of hops. Visual symptoms of infected hop are highly dependent on cultivar. A study was conducted using sixExpand
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Incidence and Spatial Distribution of Viruses in Hop Gardens of Washington State.
The incidences of Hop latent virus (HpLV), Hop mosaic virus (HpMV), and American hop latent virus (AHLV), members of the genus Carlavirus, and Prunus necrotic ringspot virus and Apple mosaic virus,Expand
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Data warehousing methods and processing infrastructure for brain recovery research.
In order to accelerate translational neuroscience with the goal of improving clinical care it has become important to support rapid accumulation and analysis of large, heterogeneous neuroimaging samples and their metadata from both normal control and patient groups. Expand
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Influence of cold-wire tandem submerged arc welding parameters on weld geometry and microhardness of microalloyed pipeline steels
Tandem submerged arc welding with an additional cold-wire (CWTSAW) is being developed for pipeline manufacturing to improve productivity in terms of deposition rate and travel speed of welding. AnExpand
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