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Optical properties of AlxGa1−x As
We report pseudodielectric function 〈e〉 data for AlxGa1−xAs alloys of target compositions x=0.00–0.80 in steps of 0.10 grown by liquid‐phase epitaxy and measured by spectroellipsometry. CleaningExpand
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Optical properties and damage analysis of GaAs single crystals partly amorphized by ion implantation
Dielectric functions of partly amorphized GaAs layers produced by deep ion implantation of different doses of 270‐keV As+ ions in crystalline (c‐) GaAs have been measured from 1.5 to 6.0 eV byExpand
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The Measurement of Aerosol Size Distributions (AMAD) in Buildings on BNFL's Sellafield Site
Cascade centripeters were used to make measurements of aerosol activity size distributions in several buildings involved in the reprocessing of Magnox Nuclear Reactor Fuel on BNFL's Sellafield site.Expand
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Beam profile reflectometry: A new technique for dielectric film measurements
We describe a new technique for measuring the thickness and optical constants of dielectric, semiconducting, and thin metal films. Beam profile reflectometry provides excellent precision for films asExpand
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Multiparameter measurements of thin films using beam‐profile reflectometry
Beam‐profile reflectometry is a new technique for measuring the thickness and optical constants of dielectric, semiconducting, and thin metal films. The technique consists of measuring the intensityExpand
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Common-axis rotationally symmetric anamorphic mirror combinations: application to synchrotron-radiation beam lines
Mirror systems generated by rotating sequentially focusing conic-section line segments about a common axis defined by the end foci are shown to image point sources exactly onto point objects whileExpand
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Essential Self-Advocacy and Transition
* Abbreviation: ISA — : integrated self-advocacy As young adults with autism leave the shelter of the family home and educational entitlements and transition into adulthood, self-advocacy isExpand
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Properties and performance of grazing-incidence mirror systems
Abstract We investigate the performance of, and the origin of aberrations in, beam lines based on simple and the recently proposed CARSA mirror elements. New results include the identification of theExpand
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Fourier Analysis Of Optical Spectra: Application To AlxGa1-xAs And GaAs1-xPx
Fourier methods allow the separation of baseline, information, and noise in reciprocal space, thereby permitting more accurate derivative lineshapes to be calculated, more accurate interpolations andExpand
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