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Bettering operation of dynamic systems by learning: A new control theory for servomechanism or mechatronics systems
A new concept called "betterment process" is proposed for the purpose of giving a learning ability of autonomous construction of a better control input to a class of multi-input multi-output servomechanism or mechatronics systems such as mechanical robots. Expand
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Learning control theory for dynamical systems
Three types of learning control laws are proposed for mechanical or mechatronics systems with linear and nonlinear dynamics, which may be operated repeatedly at low cost. Given a desired output YdExpand
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Conduction analysis of cement interface temperature in total knee arthroplasty.
We applied an axisymmetric model of the tibia to a finite element method and analyzed the heat conduction from bone cement in total knee arthroplasty using numerical simulation with the finiteExpand
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Effects of material strain rate sensitivity in low speed impact between two identical spheres
Abstract This paper investigates the effects of strain rate sensitivity on the impact of two identical spheres. The spheres made of SUJ2 steel were impacted by using pendulum setup. The coefficientsExpand
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Articular cartilage repair. Rabbit experiments with a collagen gel-biomatrix and chondrocytes cultured in it.
To repair a full-thickness articular cartilage defect in rabbit knees, we developed a technique of using a collagen gel hardened by cultured allogeneic chondrocytes in it. The gel-chondrocyteExpand
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Subjective results of laser surgery for allergic rhinitis.
Inferior turbinates of 389 patients with perennial allergic rhinitis were vaporized by a defocused carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beam, using specially designed handpieces. This laser surgery can be doneExpand
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Learning control scheme for a class of robot systems with elasticity
A new type of iterative learning control scheme is proposed for robot manipulators composed of rigid links and driven by actuators through transmissions with elasticity. Expand
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Simulation of the nonlinear vibration of a string using the cellular automation method
In this study, the nonlinear dynamic responses of a string were simulated using the cellular automaton (CA) method. The local rules were set for the amplitude of vibration and the decay rate ofExpand
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A modeling concept of a mechanical system having a piecewise linear spring property for its diagnosis
Machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of rotating machinery are very important because of the wide use of rotating machinery in industry. Couplings and gears are used in many mechanicalExpand
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