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A CMOS image sensor with analog two-dimensional DCT-based compression circuits for one-chip cameras
This paper presents a CMOS image sensor with on-chip compression using an analog two-dimensional discrete cosine transform (2-D DCT) processor and a variable quantization level analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Expand
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A 32 × 32 BIT multiplier using multiple-valued MOS current-mode circuits
This paper presents a high-speed compact multiplier based on the radix-4 signed-digit (SD) number system and a completely new implementation using multiple-valued MOS current-mode circuits. Expand
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Multiple-valued radix-2 signed-digit arithmetic circuits for high-performance VLSI systems
VLSI-oriented multiple-valued current-mode MOS arithmetic circuits using radix-2 signed-digit number representations are proposed. Expand
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A compressed digital output CMOS image sensor with analog 2-D DCT processors and ADC/quantizer
A low-cost, low-power one-chip video camera with digitizing, signal processing and image compression. Expand
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A binocular CMOS range image sensor with bit-serial block-parallel interface using cyclic pipelined ADCs
A binocular CMOS image sensor used with a pair of aligned-in-parallel optical systems for range imaging is implemented. Sixteen compact cyclic pipelined analog-to-digital converters are integratedExpand
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A CMOS integrated circuit for multichannel multiple-subject biotelemetry using bidirectional optical transmissions [weightlessness in space effects application]
A CMOS integrated circuit for a noninvasive biological-signal telemetry system specified for use in medical and physiological studies of the influence of weightlessness in space is presented. Expand
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