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Acid mine drainage treatment through a two-step neutralization ferrite-formation process in northern Japan: Physical and chemical characterization of the sludge
Abstract The acid mine drainage of a closed iron sulphide mine in northern Japan was treated on-site using a continuous flow bench scale plant. In the bench scale plant of the two-step neutralizationExpand
Nanospherical inorganic α-Fe core-organic shell necklaces for the removal of arsenic(V) and chromium(VI) from aqueous solution
Abstract Mesoporous nanospherical necklaces (NSN) of inorganic α-Fe core-organic shell and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) were fabricated. The necklaces were 1 μm in length and 50 nm inExpand
Bushy sphere dendrites with husk-shaped branches axially spreading out from the core for photo-catalytic oxidation/remediation of toxins.
This work describes densely interlinked bushy "tree-like chains" characterized by neatly branched sphere dendrites (bushy sphere dendrites, BSD) with long fan-like, husk-shaped branching paths thatExpand
Selective, Photoenhanced Trapping/Detrapping of Arsenate Anions Using Mesoporous Blobfish Head TiO2 Monoliths
The efficient and low-cost adsorption of arsenic toxins from drinking water is a global concern because of its adverse health effects. The simple extraction and eco-friendly environmental wasteExpand
Effective, Low-Cost Recovery of Toxic Arsenate Anions from Water by Using Hollow-Sphere Geode Traps.
Because of the devastating impact of arsenic on terrestrial and aquatic organisms, the recovery, removal, disposal, and management of arsenic-contaminated water is a considerable challenge and hasExpand
Three-Dimensional, Vertical Platelets of ZnO Carriers for Selective Extraction of Cobalt Ions from Waste Printed Circuit Boards
Controlled design of low-cost, ecofriendly, and efficient metal recycling process of waste printed circuit boards (PCBs) is essential for sustainable industries. In this study, a metal extractor (ME)Expand
Effect of developer surfactant on lithography process latitudes and post pattern defect concentration
The current work was done jointly between Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore and Tokuyama Corporation, Japan. Here the patterning performance of four different developers was evaluated. ThreeExpand
Photothermal Spectrometry Using Pyroelectric Sensor
Temperature change of a sample solution due to optical absorption was detected by a pyroelectric sensor. A calibration curve was linear at the low concentrations of dye and the detection limit wasExpand
The reduction of optimal heat treatment temperature and critical current density enhancement of ex situ processed MgB 2 tapes using ball milled filling powder
Abstract The optimal heat treatment temperature (Topt) at which best performance in the critical current density (Jc) property at 4.2 K is obtained is influenced by the quality or reactivity of theExpand