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Minimal information for studies of extracellular vesicles 2018 (MISEV2018): a position statement of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles and update of the MISEV2014 guidelines
We revise and renew the “MISEV2014” guidelines for studies of extracellular vesicles based on evolution of the collective knowledge in the last four years. Expand
Thrombospondin-1 Inhibits VEGF Receptor-2 Signaling by Disrupting Its Association with CD47*
Thrombospondin-1 (TSP1) can inhibit angiogenic responses directly by interacting with VEGF and indirectly by engaging several endothelial cell TSP1 receptors. We now describe a more potent mechanismExpand
Robo4 Signaling in Endothelial Cells Implies Attraction Guidance Mechanisms*
Roundabouts (robo) are cell-surface receptors that mediate repulsive signaling mechanisms at the central nervous system midline. However, robos may also mediate attraction mechanisms in the contextExpand
Vaccine candidates for leishmaniasis: a review.
Leishmaniasis is a diverse group of clinical syndromes caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Leishmania. The clinical manifestation of the disease varies from self-limiting cutaneous lesions toExpand
Thrombospondin-1 Signaling through CD47 Inhibits Self-renewal by Regulating c-Myc and Other Stem Cell Transcription Factors
Signaling through the thrombospondin-1 receptor CD47 broadly limits cell and tissue survival of stress, but the molecular mechanisms are incompletely understood. We now show that loss of CD47 permitsExpand
Silencing of directional migration in roundabout4 knockdown endothelial cells
BackgroundRoundabouts are axon guidance molecules that have recently been identified to play a role in vascular guidance as well. In this study, we have investigated gene knockdown analysis ofExpand
ECSM2, An Endothelial Specific Filamin A Binding Protein That Mediates Chemotaxis
Objective—We aimed to characterize the expression and function of a novel transcript that bioinformatics analysis predicted to be endothelial specific, called endothelial-specific molecule-2 (ECSM2).Expand
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Pyruvate Kinase as a Target for Bis-indole Alkaloids with Antibacterial Activities*
Background: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) PK has been recently identified as a potential novel antimicrobial drug target. Results: Screening of a marine extract library led toExpand
Heparan Sulfate Modification of the Transmembrane Receptor CD47 Is Necessary for Inhibition of T Cell Receptor Signaling by Thrombospondin-1*
Cell surface proteoglycans on T cells contribute to retroviral infection, binding of chemokines and other proteins, and are necessary for some T cell responses to the matricellular glycoproteinExpand
Secreted Thrombospondin-1 Regulates Macrophage Interleukin-1β Production and Activation through CD47
Thrombospondin-1 regulates inflammation by engaging several cell surface receptors and by modulating activities of other secreted factors. We have uncovered a novel role of thrombospondin-1 inExpand