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Full result for the QCD equation of state with 2+1 flavors
We present a full result for the 2+1 flavor QCD equation of state. All the systematics are controlled, the quark masses are set to their physical values, and the continuum extrapolation is carriedExpand
Is there still any Tc mystery in lattice QCD? Results with physical masses in the continuum limit III
The present paper concludes our investigations on the QCD cross-over transition temperatures with 2+1 staggered flavours and one-link stout improvement. We extend our previous two studies [Phys.Expand
Calculation of the axion mass based on high-temperature lattice quantum chromodynamics
This work determines the axion mass using lattice QCD, assuming that these particles are the dominant component of dark matter, and determines the universal axionic angle that corresponds to the initial condition of the authors' Universe. Expand
The order of the quantum chromodynamics transition predicted by the standard model of particle physics
Finite-size scaling analysis shows that the finite-temperature QCD transition in the hot early Universe was not a real phase transition, but an analytic crossover (involving a rapid change, as opposed to a jump, as the temperature varied). Expand
The QCD transition temperature: Results with physical masses in the continuum limit
Abstract The transition temperature ( T c ) of QCD is determined by Symanzik improved gauge and stout-link improved staggered fermionic lattice simulations. We use physical masses both for the lightExpand
The QCD phase diagram for external magnetic fields
A bstractThe effect of an external (electro)magnetic field on the finite temperature transition of QCD is studied. We generate configurations at various values of the quantized magnetic flux with NfExpand
The QCD equation of state with dynamical quarks
The present paper concludes our investigation on the QCD equation of state with 2 + 1 staggered flavors and one-link stout improvement. We extend our previous study [JHEP01 (2006) 089] by choosingExpand
QCD quark condensate in external magnetic fields
We present a comprehensive analysis of the light condensates in QCD with $1+1+1$ sea quark flavors (with mass-degenerate light quarks of different electric charges) at zero and nonzero temperaturesExpand
High-precision scale setting in lattice QCD
A bstractScale setting is of central importance in lattice QCD. It is required to predict dimensional quantities in physical units. Moreover, it determines the relative lattice spacings ofExpand
Critical point of QCD at finite T and mu, lattice results for physical quark masses
A critical point (E) is expected in QCD on the temperature (T) versus baryonic chemical potential (μ) plane. Using a recently proposed lattice method for μ≠0 we study dynamical QCD with nf=2+1Expand