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Mysticism and philosophical analysis
Ontology the the Profane)Philosophy Plotinus Mysticism, Epistemology, EthicsDifferent SummitsThe Name ThoughtJohn DoctrinePlatonic SoulMysticism Multidisciplinary reaches its grandest and most
Hemodynamics and Blood Properties of the Shortfin Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus)
In vivo studies of the cardiovascular and blood respiratory properties and the heartregulatory mechanism of shortfin mako sharks carried out at sea on freshly collected specimens, most of which were subsequently released.
Mysticism and Sacred Scripture
This is the fourth in an influential series of volumes on mysticism edited by Steven T. Katz, presenting a basic revaluation of the nature of mysticism. Each presents a collection of solicited papers
Language, epistemology, and mysticism
Esse artigo foi originalmente publicado como capítulo do livro Mysticism and Philosophical Analysis, organizado por Steven T. Katz e publicado pela Oxford University Press em 1978. O texto trata de
Donald Trump, contempt, and the 2016 GOP Iowa Caucuses
ABSTRACT Theories of discrete emotions distinguish contempt from other negative emotions, and recent evidence shows that contempt toward candidates played a major role in two US Senate races in 2014.
Mysticism and language
Taken collectively, the original essays in this new collection make up the most important exploration of mysticism and language to appear in many years. Written from diverse perspectives on a wide
Thoughts on the Intersection of Rape and Rassenchande during the Holocaust
Jewish women during the Holocaust, like many other women in other situations of social unrest, military conquest, slavery (both ancient and modern) and war, experienced sexual abuse and rape. In each