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Determination of urban volatile organic compound emission ratios and comparison with an emissions database
[1] During the NEAQS-ITCT2k4 campaign in New England, anthropogenic VOCs and CO were measured downwind from New York City and Boston. The emission ratios of VOCs relative to CO and acetylene were
Formaldehyde in human cancer cells: detection by preconcentration-chemical ionization mass spectrometry.
Correlation of natural formaldehyde level with doxorubicin cytotoxicity is a function of the expression of enzymes that neutralize oxidative stress and the drug efflux pump, P-170 glycoprotein.
Negative-ion photoelectron spectroscopy, gas-phase acidity, and thermochemistry of the peroxyl radicals CH(3)OO and CH(3)CH(2)OO.
Using experimental bond enthalpies, DH(298)(ROO-H), and CBS/APNO ab initio electronic structure calculations for the energies of the corresponding hydroperoxides, the heats of formation of the peroxyl radicals are derived.
Mass spectrometric measurement of formaldehyde generated in breast cancer cells upon treatment with anthracycline antitumor drugs.
The results support a mechanism for drug cytotoxicity which involves drug induction of metabolic processes leading to formaldehyde production followed by drug utilization of formaldehyde to virtually cross-link DNA.
Photoelectron spectra and ion chemistry of imidazolide.
The thermodynamic parameters for Imidazole and imidazolyl radical are compared with those for pyrrole and pyrrolyl radical, and the effects of the additional N atom in the five-membered ring are discussed.
Gas-phase kinetics and mechanism of the reactions of protonated hydrazine with carbonyl compounds. Gas-phase hydrazone formation: kinetics and mechanism.
The combination of fast reaction rates and unique chemistry shows that protonated hydrazine can serve as a useful chemical-ionization reagent for quantifying atmospheric carbonyl compounds via CIMS.
Macroscopic, freestanding, and tubular graphene architectures fabricated via thermal annealing.
A versatile and robust method based on annealing of solid carbon precursors on nickel templates and thermo-assisted removal of poly(methyl methacrylate) under low vacuum of ∼0.6 Pa for fabrication of macroscopic, freestanding, and tubular graphene architectures shows great promise for applications in flexible and lightweight electronics, electron guns, or X-ray tube sources.
Properties of Diazocarbene (CNN) and the Diazomethyl Radical (HCNN) via Ion Chemistry and Spectroscopy
138.4 ( 0.7 kcal mol -1 . We recommend revised experimental values for ¢fH0(HCN) ) 30.9 ( 0.7 kcal mol -1 and ¢fH298(HCN) ) 30.8 ( 0.7 kcal mol -1 and find that the reaction CH ( 2 ƒ) + N2 f HCN + N(
Multiquantum Vibrational Deactivation of N 2 + ( v ) by Collisions with N 2 and O 2 at Thermal Energies
Vibrational deactivation and charge transfer in the collisions of N2+(v = 0−4) with N2 and O2 are studied at thermal energies. State-specific rate constants for the individual components of charge
A direct dynamics trajectory study of F- + CH(3)OOH reactive collisions reveals a major non-IRC reaction path.
A direct dynamics simulation at the B3LYP/6-311+G(d,p) level of theory was used to study the F- + CH3OOH reaction dynamics, which shows formation of the CH2(OH)2...F- complex, with randomization of its internal energy, is important, and this complex dissociates via the ECO2 mechanism.