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Development and scale effects of small Swiss-roll combustors
Abstract The configuration of Swiss-roll was adopted as a promising structure for the development of sub-millimetre scale combustors. In this study, the scaling effects are investigated bothExpand
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Effects of Grease Types on Vibration and Acoustic Emission of Defective Linear-Guideway Type Recirculating Ball Bearings
In this paper, vibrations and acoustic emissions (AEs) of defective linear-guideway type recirculating ball bearings under grease lubrication were measured. The experimental results show that theExpand
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Vibration and Acoustic Emission of Linear-Guideway Type Recirculating Ball Bearings With a Millimeter-Sized Artificial Defect in the Carriage
This paper deals with vibrations and acoustic emissions (AEs) of linear-guideway type recirculating ball bearings with a millimeter-sized artificial defect in the carriage. The vibration and AE ofExpand
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Prostaglandin E synthase in the pathophysiology of arthritis
Prostaglandin E synthase (PGES) is a recently identified terminal enzyme that acts downstream of cyclooxygenase and catalyzes the conversion of prostaglandin (PG) H2 to PGE2. At least three isozymesExpand
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Occupational Class and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Incidence in Japan: Nationwide, Multicenter, Hospital‐Based Case‐Control Study
Background In contemporary Western settings, higher occupational class is associated with lower risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) incidence, including coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke.Expand
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Pretraining and Precredentialing Staff for Disaster: A Lesson Learned From the Experience of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes
ABSTRACT The integration of external staff into a hospital’s disaster response can present technical challenges. Although hospitals will always prefer to use their own staff in disaster response,Expand
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Evaluation method of burn therapy effect by skin transplant based on image processing
We make an effect evaluation method of bum treatment based on image processing for quantitative evaluation of the treatment progress. Expand
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Two Cases of Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumors With Intractable Complex Partial Seizures
pLg/mL. Blood levels do rise with increased doses, but do not change predictably among patients. Lamotrigine doses should therefore be adjusted depending on patient response, considering both seizureExpand
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