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Comparison of iodine-131 OIH and technetium-99m MAG3 renal imaging in volunteers.
Animal studies have suggested that the nonisomeric N3S triamide mercaptide ligand, 99mTc mercaptoacetyltriglycine (MAG3), may provide a satisfactory 99mTc-labeled replacement for 131I hippurateExpand
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of technetium-99m MAG3 as a hippuran replacement.
A new technetium-chelating agent based on a triamide monomercaptide tetradentate set of donor groups, mercaptoacetylglycylglycylglycine (MAG3), was synthesized and evaluated. Chelation with 99mTcExpand
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Selective uptake of radiolabeled annexin V on acute porcine left atrial thrombi.
BACKGROUND Annexin V is a human phospholipid binding protein that binds to activated platelets in vitro. We sought to determine the potential of this agent for imaging intracardiac thrombi in swine.Expand
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Successful imaging of malignant melanoma with technetium-99m-labeled monoclonal antibodies.
F(ab')2 and Fab fragments of murine monoclonal antibody 9.2.27, that recognizes the 250 kD melanoma-associated antigen, were labeled with 99mTc using the bifunctional chelate method of Fritzberg etExpand
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Specific and stable labeling of antibodies with technetium-99m with a diamide dithiolate chelating agent.
Technetium-99m labeling of antibodies has been suboptimal because of low affinity adventitious binding, nonspecific labeling, and loss of immunoreactivity. The diamide dithiolate ligand system (N2S2)Expand
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Development and biologic evaluation of a kit for preformed chelate technetium-99m radiolabeling of an antibody Fab fragment using a diamide dimercaptide chelating agent.
A kit has been developed for 99mTc antibody radiolabeling via defined chemistry using an N2S2 diamide dimercaptide bifunctional chelating agent and the performed chelate method. The process involvedExpand
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Animal evaluation of technetium-99m triamide mercaptide complexes as potential renal imaging agents.
Technetium-99m mercaptoacetylglycylglycylglycine (MAG3), a [99mTc]triamide mercaptide (N3S) compound has been synthesized in an attempt to obviate the stereochemistry problems associated with theExpand
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The investigation of radiopharmaceutical components by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry: the identification of Tc-HIDA and the epimers of Tc-CO2DADS.
The nature of two technetium-labeled radiopharmaceutical components has been established by means of fast-atom-bombardment mass spectrometry (FABMS) in combination with carrier-added (CA) andExpand
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Tissue distribution properties of technetium-99m-diamide-dimercaptide complexes and potential use as renal radiopharmaceuticals.
A series of new ligands and the corresponding technetium-99m chelates based on diamide dimercaptide donor groups were synthesized as derivatives of technetium-99m 1,2-bis(2-thioacetamido)ethane, aExpand
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