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Functional and anatomic outcome of scleral buckling versus primary vitrectomy in pseudophakic retinal detachment.
PURPOSE To conduct a randomized prospective clinical trial to compare primary vitrectomy without scleral buckling versus conventional scleral buckling surgery in pseudophakic primary retinalExpand
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Statistics of quantal secretion during long trains of sympathetic nerve impulses in mouse vas deferens.
1. A statistical analysis has been made of the occurrence of excitatory junctional currents (EJCs) of similar amplitude recorded with an extracellular electrode during long trains of nerve impulsesExpand
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Quantal transmission at purinergic junctions: stochastic interaction between ATP and its receptors.
The time course of most quantal currents recorded with a small diameter electrode placed over visualized varicosities of sympathetic nerve terminals that secrete ATP was determined: these had a timeExpand
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Evidence that each nerve varicosity on the surface of the mouse vas deferens secretes ATP
The secretion of ATP from visualised varicosities on the surface of the mouse vas deferens was determined. Small diameter microelectrodes (about 6 microns and 20 microns) were placed over a set of 2Expand
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Quantal components of spontaneous excitatory junction potentials at visualised varicosities.
The electrical signs of spontaneous transmitter release were recorded with an extracellular electrode from single visualized sympathetic varicosities on the mouse vas deferens. UltrastructuralExpand
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Probabilistic secretion of quanta from nerve terminals in toad (Bufo marinus) muscle modulated by adenosine.
1. A study has been made of the effect of blocking endogenous adenosine on the statistics of quantal secretion at nerve terminals in toad (Bufo marinus) muscle during summer and winter. 2. ExogenousExpand
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The effect of adenosine on spontaneous and evoked quantal secretion from different release sites of amphibian motor-nerve terminals
The effects of adenosine on the spontaneous quantal secretion from different release sites along terminal branches of toad (Bufo marinus) motor-nerve terminals was studied. Terminal branches wereExpand
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Effect of yohimbine on the contractile response of the mouse vas deferens to short, low frequency trains of nerve impulses.
A study was undertaken to ascertain why in the mouse vas deferens excitatory junction potentials facilitate whereas contractions depress during low frequency stimulation. In a set of contractionExpand
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On the calculation of force constants using isotopic frequencies by parametric method: Application to systems of (3×3) order
A method is proposed for the determination of angle parameters for ONF, ONCl and ONBr, utilising the isotopic frequencies of two isotopically substituted molecules. The force constants, CoriolisExpand
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On the applicability of Redington’s method to vibrational problems of order three
Force fields of H (D )CX 3 (X = F, CI, Br) molecules have been determined using Redington's method. The three angle parameters of each species are fixed through F M e p critical point solution. MeanExpand