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Study of pineapple peelings processing into vinegar by biotechnology.
This study aimed to reduce post-harvest losses of pineapple local variety egbenana by the transformation of juice into vinegar through biotechnological process. Vinegar was produced through twoExpand
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Medicinal plants use in central Togo (Africa) with an emphasis on the timing
Background: Plant-based remedies continue to play a key role in the health care of people in Togo; however, there is a lack of published data in medicinal plants and medical practices of the peopleExpand
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Sub-Saharan Rubiaceae: a review of their traditional uses, phytochemistry and biological activities.
Rubiaceae family is a large family of 630 genera and about 13000 species found worldwide, especially in tropical and warm regions. These plants are not only ornamental but they are also used inExpand
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Antimicrobial resistance of abnormal vaginal discharges microorganisms in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of bacterial strains and fungal strains infecting the vaginal tract and test their sensitivity to antibiotics in women attending Saint Camille Medical Centre inExpand
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Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used in the management of diabetes mellitus and hypertension in the Central Region of Togo
Context: The Tem tribe in the Central Region of Togo is a population with an extensive knowledge of medicinal plants. However, little is known about their medical practices, principally the use ofExpand
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HCV prevalence and co‐infection with HIV among pregnant women in Saint Camille Medical Centre, Ouagadougou
Objective  To determine hepatitis C virus (HCV) prevalence and the rate of HCV/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) co‐infection in pregnant women attending Saint Camille medical centre (SCMC) inExpand
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Seroepidemiology of Hepatitis B and C Viruses in the General Population of Burkina Faso
Objectives. In Burkina Faso, few studies reported the prevalence of HBV and HCV in the general population. This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of hepatitis B and C viruses in the generalExpand
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Antimicrobial, antiplasmodial, haemolytic and antioxidant activities of crude extracts from three selected Togolese medicinal plants.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiplasmodial, acute toxicity and haemolytic activities of methanolic extracts of three plants. Phytochemical analysis to determine theExpand
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In vitro antiplasmodial activity of crude extracts from Togolese medicinal plants.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the antimalarial effect of a few plants in Togo folk medicine. METHODS After ethnobotanical survey, Opilia celtidifolia, Pavetta corymbosa (P. corymbosa) and TamarindusExpand
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Enteric parasites prevalence at Saint Camille Medical Centre in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of parasitic infections among patients attending Saint Camille Medical Centre and to estimate co-parasitic infections rates. METHODS From January to DecemberExpand
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