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Feedforward embedding circulator enhancement in transmit/receive applications
In this work, a feedforward embedding technique is presented to improve the isolation of a circulator. The circuit configuration is particularly suitable for transmit/receive applications where theExpand
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Multiple target tracking using retrodirective antenna arrays
In this paper the behavioural response of a frequency offset retrodirective antenna array in the presence of multiple signals at different frequencies is investigated. Expand
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Frequency offset retrodirective antenna array
A new architecture for the Van Atta self-steering array is presented. Active antenna techniques are used to realise a compact self-steering array with enhanced retrodirective properties. TheExpand
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Self-tracking duplex communication link using planar retrodirective antennas
In this paper, a compact architecture for an active planar retrodirective antenna array is presented and its application in a self-tracking duplex communication link discussed. Expand
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Self-phasing antenna array techniques for mobile communications applications
This paper provides a summary of the basic concepts of retrodirective antenna arrays. Originally this class of antenna was developed in the 1960s for direct satellite-to-ground transmission ofExpand
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Balanced subharmonic mixers for retrodirective-array applications
The drawback of conventional Pon retrodirective antenna systems is the requirement of a local oscillator (LO) working at approximately twice the receive frequency. This limits the use of theseExpand
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Use of an active retrodirective antenna array as a multipath sensor
The use of an active retrodirective antenna as an indicator of multipath propagation effects is investigated by the authors. It is shown that the flat azimuthal gain response normally associated withExpand
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Near field focusing properties of an integrated retrodirective antenna
The near field behaviour of two different types of retrodirective antenna arrays [1][2] are presented in this paper. For each type it is shown that retrodirective properties can be preserved wellExpand
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Dual polarised microstrip patch antenna using feedforward isolation enhancement for simultaneous transmit/receive applications
This paper presents a method for increasing the isolation between transmit and receive ports of a dual polarised microstrip patch antenna in order to enhance its performance in single frequencyExpand
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Active retrodirective antenna arrays for mobile communication applications
This paper presents developments of planar active retrodirective antennas based on microstrip technology. Expand
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