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Selection of an appropriate wastewater treatment technology: a scenario-based multiple-attribute decision-making approach.
Many technological alternatives for wastewater treatment are available, ranging from advanced technologies to conventional treatment options. It is difficult to select the most appropriate technologyExpand
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Grey fuzzy optimization model for water quality management of a river system
A grey fuzzy optimization model is developed for water quality management of river system to address uncertainty involved in fixing the membership functions for different goals of Pollution Control Agency (PCA) and dischargers. Expand
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Bivariate flood frequency analysis. Part 2: a copula-based approach with mixed marginal distributions: Bivariate flood frequency analysis: Part 2
Karmakar and Simonovic (2008) describe the methodology of assigning appropriate marginal distributions for three flood characteristics. It is found that the gamma distribution is best fitted for peakExpand
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The influence of expert opinions on the selection of wastewater treatment alternatives: a group decision-making approach.
The application of multiple-attribute decision-making (MADM) to real life decision problems suggests that avoiding the loss of information through scenario-based approaches and including expertExpand
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Diametric changes in trends and patterns of extreme rainfall over India from pre-1950 to post-1950
[1] Spatially aggregated extreme rainfall over India shows an increasing trend over the last 50 years of the 20th century, while fine-resolution analysis reveals a spatially nonuniform trend.Expand
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An Information System for Risk-Vulnerability Assessment to Flood
An exhaustive knowledge of flood risk in different spatial locations is essential for developing an effective flood mitigation strategy for a watershed. Expand
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Technology assessment for wastewater treatment using multiple-attribute decision-making
Abstract A framework for technology assessment for wastewater treatment is proposed in this work. A case study of technology selection for high rise buildings in urban centres of India is used forExpand
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Assessment and rationalization of water quality monitoring network: a multivariate statistical approach to the Kabbini River (India)
AbstractThe establishment of an efficient surface water quality monitoring (WQM) network is a critical component in the assessment, restoration and protection of river water quality. A periodicExpand
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Assessment of wastewater treatment technologies: life cycle approach.
Four municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in India based on different technologies are compared by conducting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) using field data. CML 2 baseline 2000 methodology isExpand
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Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall: Implications of Contrasting Trends in the Spatial Variability of Means and Extremes
India’s agricultural output, economy, and societal well-being are strappingly dependent on the stability of summer monsoon rainfall, its variability and extremes. Spatial aggregate of intensity andExpand
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