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Internationalization of U.K. University Business Schools
A questionnaire was sent to the heads of internationalization in the business schools of all U.K. universities. Sixty-five replies were received. The document covered, inter alia, theExpand
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Falcons pursue prey using visual motion cues: new perspectives from animal-borne cameras
This study reports on experiments on falcons wearing miniature videocameras mounted on their backs or heads while pursuing flying prey. Videos of hunts by a gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus), gyrfalconExpand
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Commuting, transitions and belonging: the experiences of students living at home in their first year at university
In this study, our cross-case analysis of students’ lives challenges the conventional home–university model of transition and highlights the importance of acknowledging the influence of this complexExpand
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Polynucleotide recognition and degradation by bleomycin.
  • S. Kane, S. Hecht
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Progress in nucleic acid research and molecular…
  • 1994
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the chemistry of nucleic acid degradation, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequence and structure recognition, and the mode of DNA and ribonucleic acid (RNA)Expand
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Sol-gel carbon composite electrode as an amperometric detector for liquid chromatography.
The performance characteristics of an electrochemical detector for liquid chromatography based on a sol-gel carbon composite working electrode in a wall-jet configuration are described. The newExpand
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When hawks attack: animal-borne video studies of goshawk pursuit and prey-evasion strategies
Video filmed by a camera mounted on the head of a Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) was used to study how the raptor used visual guidance to pursue prey and land on perches. A combination ofExpand
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Introduction to Physics in Modern Medicine
Introduction and Overview Telescopes for Inner Space Optics: the science of light Fiber optics applications in medicine: endoscopes and laparoscopes Robotic surgery and virtual reality in theExpand
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Students’ interpretations of the meanings of questionnaire items in the National Student Survey
In many countries the outputs from university student satisfaction surveys are used for a variety of educational management purposes. Within the United Kingdom, the main instrument employed by stateExpand
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Factors associated with high first year undergraduate retention rates in business departments with non-traditional student intakes
Introduction Low rates of first year undergraduate retention represent a serious problem for many English universities, especially post-1992 institutions with high intakes of students fromExpand
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Multi-aspectual interview technique (M.A.I.T.)
This is exploratory research which employs qualitative interview techniques that are built on the foundation of Dooyeweerd's Aspects (1984), which is facilitated here by the Multi-AspectualExpand
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