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Aspects of the biology and control of three species of acorn weevils infesting oak acorns in Kumaun Himalaya
Biology and ecology of three acorn weevils: Dicranognathus nebulosus Redt. (Col., Attelabidae), Sitophilus glandium (Mshl.) (Col., Curculionidae) and Curculio sikkimensis (Hell.) (Col.,Expand
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Studies on the mortality of Cedrus deodara (Roxb.) L. Don. in Chail forest (H.P.) and its causative factors.
A study has been undertaken in the diseased Cedrus deodara (Roxb.) L.Don (Deodar) forests I\t Chail (Himachal Pradesh) to find out the causative factor of the disease and their mortality. TheExpand
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Population dynamics of the earthworm Amynthas alexandri (Megascolecidae: Annelida) in cultivated soils of the Kumaun Himalayas
Abstract The population dynamics of the earthworm Amynthas alexandri was observed over 2 years in cultivated soils at Chanfi and Khurpatal near Nainital. Both hand sorting and formalin extractionExpand
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The effects of Dicranognathus nebulosus (Coleoptera: Attelabidae) on acorns of Quercus leucotrichophora
Damage to acorns of many species of oak by insects, particularly weevils, is geographically widespread and quite variable (Korstian, 1927; Kautz & Liming, 1939; Downs & McQuilkin, 1944; Reid &Expand
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