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A detailed VM profiler for the Cog VM
This paper describes the motivations and the latest improvements carried out in VMProfiler, a code execution profiler hooked into the virtual machine, that performs its analysis by monitoring thevirtual machine execution. Expand
Garbage Collection Evaluation Infrastructure for the Cog VM
Benchmarks are needed to evaluate garbage collection algorithm implementations and a benchmarking infrastructure are required to evaluate a new algorithm and compare it. Expand
Assessing primitives performance on multi-stage execution
In a hybrid runtime, where code is executed by an interpreter and a just-in-time compiler, the implementor can choose to implement optional primitives in the client language, in the virtual machine implementation language (typically C or C++), or on top of the just- in time compiler backend. Expand
Capturing High-level Nondeterminism in Concurrent Programs for Practical Concurrency Model Agnostic Record & Replay
This paper proposes a practical concurrency-model-agnostic record& replay approach for multi-paradigm concurrent programs, i. Expand