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Analysis of fish parasitofauna in Vistula Lagoon (the Baltic Sea)
In Vistula Lagoon freshwater species dominate, but marine species are also recorded, and a zoogeographic analysis of fish parasitofauna has shown the presence of five faunistic complexes. Expand
Current Status of the Lake Vistytis in Kaliningrad Region
The paper analyzes the basic parameters of the ecosystem of the unique Kaliningrad Region oligotrophic Lake Vistytis. It shows its sufficiently stable conditions for most of the consideredExpand
[Ecological analysis of the fauna of infusoria of the family Trichodinidae Claus, 1874 (Ciliophora Dofflein, 1901, Peritrichida F. Stein, 1859) in pond fishes of Kaliningrad province].
A total of 21 Infusoria species of the family Trichodinidae parasitize in pond fishes of Kaliningrad Province. Species of the genus Trichodina dominate, being represented by 15 species. The majorityExpand