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Cloning and analysis of fetal ovary microRNAs in cattle.
Two miRNAs show similar expression patterns during oocyte maturation and preimplantation development of bovine embryos, being abundant in GV and MII stage oocytes, as well as in early stage embryos (until 16-cell stage).
MicroRNA-196a regulates bovine newborn ovary homeobox gene (NOBOX) expression during early embryogenesis
BackgroundOocyte-derived maternal RNAs drive early embryogenesis when the newly formed embryo is transcriptionally inactive. Recent studies in zebrafish have identified the role of microRNAs during
Role of Importin Alpha8, a New Member of the Importin Alpha Family of Nuclear Transport Proteins, in Early Embryonic Development in Cattle1
Analysis of expressed sequence tags from a bovine oocyte cDNA library identified a new member of the importin alpha family, KPNA7, which has a strong binding affinity for the nuclear protein nucleoplasmin 2 relative to that of other importin alphas.
Minimal Fertility Defects in Mice Deficient in Oocyte-Expressed Smad41
Two oocyte-specific conditional knockout models for the common SMAD, Smad4, are generated using cre recombinase expression from either the zona pellucida 3 (Zp3) or Gdf9 promoter, suggesting a novel, although minor, role for Smad 4 in the oocyte restricted to the primordial follicle stage.
Molecular cloning and expression of bovine nucleoplasmin 2 (NPM2): a maternal effect gene regulated by miR-181a
It is suggested that expression of bovine NPM2 is temporally regulated during early embryogenesis and miR-181a may play a role in its regulation.
Loss of Gremlin Delays Primordial Follicle Assembly but Does Not Affect Female Fertility in Mice1
Analysis of postnatal folliculogenesis using global and conditional knockout mice for gremlin suggests that gremlin plays a previously uncharacterized role in the regulation of oocyte numbers and the timing of primordial follicle development, but either it is not required for later follicULogenesis or its loss is possibly compensated by other BMP antagonists.
A novel functional role for the oocyte-specific transcription factor newborn ovary homeobox (NOBOX) during early embryonic development in cattle.
It is demonstrated that NOBOX is an essential maternal-derived transcription factor during bovine early embryogenesis, which functions in regulation of embryonic genome activation, pluripotency gene expression, and blastocyst cell allocation.
BMP- specific SMADs function as novel repressors of PDGFA and modulate its expression in ovarian granulosa cells and tumors
It is established that loss of SMAD1/5 leads to upregulation of PDG FA in ovarian granulosa cells, and that a novel regulatory interaction exists between the BR-SMADs and Sp1 in controlling PDGFA expression during granul Rosa cell tumorigenesis.
Activin-Like Kinase 2 Functions in Peri-implantation Uterine Signaling in Mice and Humans
This work clarifies the conserved mechanisms through which BMPs regulate peri-implantation in rodents and primates and uncovers a linear pathway of BMP signaling through ALK2 to regulate CEBPB and, subsequently, PGR during decidualization.
Green revolution vaccines, edible vaccines
Edible vaccines are sub-unit vaccines where the selected genes are introduced into the plants and the transgenic plant is then induced to manufacture the encoded protein. Edible vaccines are