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Standardization of technology for preparation and storage of wild apricot fruit bar
The study was conducted to standardize the protocol for preparation of wild apricot fruit bar. Wild apricot fruits were harvested at optimum maturity from Distt Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand and afterExpand
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Utilization of Food Processing By-products as Dietary, Functional, and Novel Fiber: A Review
Fast growing food processing industry in most countries across the world, generates huge quantity of by-products, including pomace, hull, husk, pods, peel, shells, seeds, stems, stalks, bran,Expand
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Auricular Schwannoma: A Rare Presentation
Schwannoma is an extremely rare tumor of auricle. We are presenting a rare case of auricular schwannoma, perhaps the fifth in world literature, with traumatic etiology. Twenty-five years old femaleExpand
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Molecular Detection of Foodborne Pathogens: A Rapid and Accurate Answer to Food Safety
Food safety is a global health concern. For the prevention and recognition of problems related to health and safety, detection of foodborne pathogen is of utmost importance at all levels of foodExpand
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Hijras, the labelled deviants
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Vetiveria zizanioid es is belonging to Poaceae family. It is well known plan t from south India and widely distributed in India, Burma, Ceylon, and spread from Southwest Asia to tropical Africa.Expand
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Food Habits of Indian Giant Flying Squirrel (Petaurista Philippensis Elliot) in Tropical Deciduous Forest, Rajasthan, India
Abstract. The feeding habits of Indian giant flying squirrels (Petaurista philippensis Elliot 1839) were studied in the Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India, from March 2009 to FebruaryExpand
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Shear wave propagation in vertically heterogeneous viscoelastic layer over a micropolar elastic half-space
ABSTRACT This article deals with the propagation of SH-wave in a vertically heterogeneous viscoelastic layer lying over a micropolar elastic half-space. Dispersion and damping equations are obtainedExpand
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Witch Hunts, Herbal Healing, and Discourses of Indigenous Ecodevelopment in North India : Theory and Method in the Anthropology of Environmentality
ABSTRACT  In this article, we examine the environmental thought and practice of indigenous peoples living in and around a wildlife sanctuary in North India. Analysis reveals that those religiousExpand
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Studies on DC electrical resistivity of plantation grown timbers
The direct current (DC) electrical resistivity (ϱ) of three timber species namelyEucalyptus teriticornis, Grevillea robusta andHevea brasiliensis grown as plantations in India has been measured atExpand
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