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Mapping urban trees within cadastral parcels using an object-based convolutional neural network
This research demonstrates that the accuracy of image classification can be improved by using a combination of OBIA and CNN methods. Expand
On Approximative Frames in Hilbert Spaces
Frames for Hilbert spaces were formally introduced in 1952 by Duffin and Schaeffer [17] who used frames as a tool in the study of non-harmonic Fourier series. Daubechies, Grossmann and Meyer [16], inExpand
A Performance Evaluation of Intrusion Detection by Fuzzy Possibilistic C-Means Clustering Algorithm over the NSL-KDD Dataset
IDS is a procedure of observing the events happening in a computer system or network and analyzing them for indication of a conceivable potential event which is an infringement or inevitable dangersExpand
Performance Analysis of DYMO and LAR in Grid and Random Environments
DYMO and LAR are analyzed in grid and random environments. Expand
Optimization of pressing parameters of PF-bonded laminated bamboo lumber from Dendrocalamus brandisii
Bamboo being a fibrous lignocellulosic material has been used in numerous applications including structural and nonstructural sectors. Currently, there has been lot of interest to use the bamboo inExpand