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A Novel Hybrid IWO/WDO Algorithm for Interference Minimization of Uniformly Excited Linear Sparse Array by Position-Only Control
This letter introduces a novel, fast, efficient, and global optimization algorithm called hybrid invasive weed optimization and wind-driven optimization (IWO/WDO). The proposed algorithm isExpand
Expanding the nucleotide repertoire of the ribosome with post-transcriptional modifications.
The collective importance of the modified nucleosides in ribosome function has been demonstrated for a number of organisms, and further studies may reveal how the individual players regulate these functions through synergistic or cooperative effects. Expand
A Reversible Protection Strategy To Improve Fmoc‐SPPS of Peptide Thioesters by the N‐Acylurea Approach
It is demonstrated that Dbz protection improves the synthetic purity of Gly‐rich peptide sequences derived from histone H4, as well as a 44‐residue peptide from hist one H3. Expand
A novel approach for optimal design of multilayer wideband microwave absorber using wind driven optimization technique
Abstract In general, cost function for optimal design of multilayer microwave absorbers found in literature had not taken account of normal and oblique incidence (TE & TM polarization) of wave inExpand
A six-band ultra-thin polarization-insensitive pixelated metamaterial absorber using a novel binary wind driven optimization algorithm
ABSTRACT In this article, a novel binary Wind Driven Optimization (WDO) algorithm is presented for the synthesis of six-band Metamaterial Absorber (MA). Synthesis of the unit cell structure of MA isExpand
A novel hybrid IWO/WDO algorithm for nulling pattern synthesis of uniformly spaced linear and non-uniform circular array antenna
Abstract This paper introduces a new, fast, efficient and global optimization algorithm called hybrid invasive weed optimization (IWO) and wind driven optimization (WDO). The hybrid algorithm isExpand
BWDO algorithm and its application in antenna array and pixelated metasurface synthesis
This article introduces a novel, binary version of wind driven optimisation (WDO) called binary WDO (BWDO), which can be specifically used for solving binary valued problems such as antenna array andExpand
Combined Approaches to Site-Specific Modification of RNA.
Chemical, enzymatic, and combined (semisynthesis) approaches to generate site specifically modified RNAs of all sizes are highlighted for site-specific modifications of RNAs. Expand
Hybrid phase ligation for efficient synthesis of histone proteins.
We introduce a hybrid solid-solution phase ligation approach that combines the efficiency of solid phase ligation with solution phase ligation in the total synthesis of modified histone proteins. AExpand