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Comparison of pharmacokinetic interactions and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling of PCB 153 and PCB 126 in nonpregnant mice, lactating mice, and suckling pups.
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are ubiquitous environmental contaminants that can induce neurological defects in infants and children via placental and lactational transfer. To investigate theExpand
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A physiologically based pharmacokinetic model for lactational transfer of PCB 153 with or without PCB 126 in mice
Chemical exposure via breast milk is one of the great concerns in public health. Previously, we demonstrated that most body burden of PCB 153 can be transferred from the mother to the pups in miceExpand
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Microwave plasma torch abatement of NF3 and SF6
An atmospheric pressure microwave plasma torch as a tool for fluorinated compounds (FCs) abatement was presented. Detailed experiments were conducted on the abatement of NF3 and SF6 in terms ofExpand
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Effect of PCBs on the lactational transfer of methyl mercury in mice: PBPK modeling.
MeHg and PCB exposure to lactating mice were analyzed and a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model was developed to describe the lactational transfer of MeHg in mice. The influence ofExpand
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Contents Vol. 93, 2014
Estimates of Health Detriments and Tissue Weighting Factors for Hong Kong Populations from Low Dose, Low Dose Rate and Low LET Ionising Radiation Exposure
The total health detriments and the tissue weighting factors for the Hong Kong populations from low dose, low dose rate and low LET ionising radiation exposure are obtained according to theExpand
The Effect of Yunkyo on Open Wound Healing in Rats.
Wound healing of the skin and soft tissue defect is accomplished by generation of granulation tissue, collagen synthesis, contraction and re-epithelization. In the full-thickness skin wound,Expand
Microwave Plasma Torch Abatement of NF3 and SF6
Summary form only given. Fluorinated compounds (FCs) are essential to the semiconductor manufacturing process for plasma chamber cleaning and plasma etching. Because FCs have extremely longExpand