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Mechanical and Abrasive Wear Studies on Biobased Jatropha Oil Cake Incorporated Glass–Epoxy Composites
An investigation was made to evaluate the effect of the incorporation of jatropha oil cake (JOC) alone and in combination with silicon carbide (SiC) on the mechanical and tribological wear behaviourExpand
Corrosion behavior of as-cast Mg–8Li–3Al+xCe alloy in 3.5wt% NaCl solution
Mg–8Li–3Al+xCe alloys (x = 0.5wt%, 1.0wt%, and 1.5wt%) were prepared through a casting route in an electric resistance furnace under a controlled atmosphere. The cast alloys were characterized byExpand
Erosion Behaviour of WC–Co–Cr Thermal Spray Coated Grey Cast Iron under Mining Environment
Hydraulic machinery components made of grey cast iron (FG 260 grade) are preferred for engineering application because of their excellent damping properties. However when such materials are exposedExpand
Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes-Reinforced AA7075 Composites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy and Hot Extrusion
Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are synthesized using arc discharge method in an open air. Various amounts of carbon nanotubes-reinforced AA7075 composites are prepared by powder metallurgy route and then hotExpand
Erosive Wear Behavior of High-Alloy Cast Iron and Duplex Stainless Steel under Mining Conditions
Centrifugal pumps used in the lignite mines encounter erosive wear problems, leading to a disastrous failure of the pump casings. This paper attempts to evaluate the erosive wear resistance ofExpand
Room-Temperature Erosion Behaviour of Nb-Stabilized 27Cr–7Ni–Mo–W–N Cast Hyper-Duplex Stainless Steel (Nb + CD3MWN - 7A)
Niobium addition to base alloy significantly reduces the formation of deleterious phases, in particular, sigma phase when the material is sensitized at 900 °C. In this paper, hyper-duplex stainlessExpand
Dispersion and thermal analysis of carbon nanotube reinforced AA 4032 alloy produced by high energy ball milling
In this work, multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were successfully reinforced in AA 4032 nanocrystalline matrix. The elemental powders of AA 4032 composites were mechanically alloyed in the highExpand
Phase transformation and crystal growth behavior of 8mol% (SmO1.5, GdO1.5, and YO1.5) stabilized ZrO2 powders
Nanocrystalline powders of ZrO2–8mol%SmO1.5 (8SmSZ), ZrO2–8mol%GdO1.5 (8GdSZ), and ZrO2–8mol%YO1.5 (8YSZ) were prepared by a simple reverse-coprecipitation technique. Differential thermalExpand
Mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of carbon nanotubes reinforced AA 4032 nanocomposites
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced aluminum matrix composites were fabricated using powder metallurgy technique. The effect of nanotubes content on mechanical properties of the composites wasExpand
Solid Particle Erosion of UHMWPE Filled Aramid Fabric-Epoxy Hybrid Composites
The effect of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) on solid particle erosion behaviour of aramid fabric reinforced-epoxy (A-E) hybrid composites was investigated. The aramid fabricExpand