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Creating a Scottish Church: Catholicism, Gender and Ethnicity in
Written in 1854 by Bishop Alexander Smith as a tribute to Veronica Cordier, the co-foundress of the Franciscan Sisters in Glasgow, this poem, which Karly Kehoe unearthed within the religiousExpand
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Unionism, Nationalism and the Scottish Catholic Periphery, 1850–1930
This article investigates the relationship between nationalism, unionism and Catholicism between 1850 and 1930 and proposes that ideas about the Scottish nation and national identity had a strongExpand
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Scottish Women: A Documentary History, 1780-1914
A sourcebook illustrating the experience of Scottish women from 1780-1914 Drawing on a wide range of source materials from across Scotland, this sourcebook provides new insights into women’sExpand
Catholic identity in the Diaspora
The Contribution of the Religious Orders to Education in Glasgow during the period 1847–1918 (review)
representatives should still have been able to sust ain their dual roles as representatives of western Gaeldom and of lowland a ristocratic power. The central place that the Campbells continued to oExpand
Colonial collaborators: Britain and the Catholic Church in Trinidad, c. 1820–1840
ABSTRACT Trinidad, a predominantly Catholic and Francophone island, became a British colony in 1802. The lynchpin of the Catholic Church’s authority and influence in the region, Trinidad’s religiousExpand