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The effect of environmentally friendly perceptions on festival visitors’ decision-making process using an extended model of goal-directed behavior
Abstract This study examined the effect of environmentally friendly perceptions on the behavioral intention of visitors at the Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea. The results of the on-site surveyExpand
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Spherical bullet formation via E-cadherin promotes therapeutic potency of mesenchymal stem cells derived from human umbilical cord blood for myocardial infarction.
The beneficial effects of stem cells in clinical applications to date have been modest, and studies have reported that poor engraftment might be an important reason. As a strategy to overcome such aExpand
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Residents' perceptions of casino impacts: A comparative study
The primary purpose of this study was to explore differences in residents' perceptions of casino development between South Korea and Colorado. The communities surveyed are former depressed miningExpand
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Image assessment for a destination with limited comparative advantages
We identify the tourist image of a US state with limited comparative advantages and suggest using the knowledge of the existing image to develop its competitive advantages. Expand
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Resident perception of the impact of limited-stakes community-based casino gaming in mature gaming communities
Abstract The purpose of this research is to assess the impacts of Colorado's community-based, limited-stakes casino gaming after 12 years of operation. Current residents’ perceived impacts, benefits,Expand
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Spousal Vacation-Buying Decision Making Revisited across Time and Place
Understanding family/spousal vacation decision making is important to tourism marketers. Twenty-five years ago, Jenkins divided the process into multiple subdecisions, such as where to visit or howExpand
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Reference Group Influences among Chinese Travelers
Interpersonal influence is known to contribute to an individual's psychological formation (e.g., personal value, norm, attitude, perception). Reference group influence in the services sector,Expand
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This study investigated trip motivation of 800 Chinese mature travelers residing in metropolitan areas based on travelers' decision autonomy in planning domestic trips. A two‐step cluster analysisExpand
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Buyer Characteristics Among Users of Various Travel Intermediaries
SUMMARY As online travel purchases increase, travel intermediaries must change to meet consumer demands. A survey was conducted to identify travelers' selection criteria and expectations ofExpand
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Psychographic and Demographic Profiles of Niche Market Leisure Travelers
This study examined leisure travelers'interests in 11 tourism niche offerings and provided psychographic and demographic profiles of individuals interested in the various niches. Telephone interviewsExpand
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