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Photoaffinity labeling of organic anion transport system in proximal tubule.
The present investigation compares brush-border (BBM) and basolateral membrane (BLM) vesicles in terms of purity, function, appearance on sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) gels, and labeling pattern by
Regulation of renal function in hypothermia.
Plasma and urinary concentrations of methamphetamine after oral administration of famprofazone to man.
It is suggested that at least 20% dose of famprofazone may be broken down via the pathways leading to the formation of methamphetamine and this could have significant clinical implications as the result of pharmacological activity of this metabolite.
Effect of Head-Out Immersion on Plasma Atrial Natriuretic Factor in Man
Results indicate that the immersion diuresis and natriuresis are indeed associated with the increased ANF release, however, it can not be ascertained from the present study if the increased AnF contributes directly to these renal responses to immersion or in concert with other mediators.
Urinary and biliary excretion of dyes in acidosis and alkalosis in the dog.
Excretion of various phenol red derivatives [phenol red (PSP), bromphenol blue (BPB), and bromcresol green (BCG)] was studied in anesthetized dogs in metabolic acidosis and alkalosis. Similar studi...
4-Amino-2,6-dichlorophenol nephrotoxicity in the Fischer 344 rat: protection by ascorbic acid, AT-125, and aminooxyacetic acid.
The results indicate that oxidation of ADCP appears to be essential to ADCP nephrotoxicity and that GSH or GSH-derived conjugates of AD CP may be partly responsible for the neph rotoxic effects ofADCP via a GGT-mediated mechanism.