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Development and evaluation of calcium alginate beads prepared by sequential and simultaneous methods
The objective of this study was to develop a sustained release dosage form of Trimetazidine dihydrochloride (TMZ) using a natural polymeric carrier prepared in a completely aqueous environment. TMZExpand
Binding of diclofenac sodium with bovine serum albumin at different temperatures, pH and ionic strengths.
The analysis showed that the interaction between diclofenac sodium with BSA results in two-site saturable binding, and a decrease in association constant was observed with increasing temperature. Expand
Alginate-Chitosan Particulate System for Sustained Release of Nimodipine
Purpose: The aim of this work was to prepare nimodipine-loaded alginate-chitosan beads for sustained drug release. Methods: Nimodipine-loaded alginate-chitosan beads were prepared by ionic gelationExpand
Aceclofenac-loaded chitosan-tamarind seed polysaccharide interpenetrating polymeric network microparticles.
The in vivo studies exhibited sustained anti-inflammatory activity in carrageenan-induced rats over prolonged period after oral administration of these newly developed aceclofenac-loaded chitosan-TSP IPN microparticles. Expand
Clinical concerns of immunogenicity produced at cellular levels by biopharmaceuticals following their parenteral administration into human body
Clinical concerns related to immunogenicity produced at cellular levels by growth hormone, interferon-α, EPO, factor VIII, and factor IX following their parenteral administration into human body are presented wherever possible. Expand
Crystal modification of dipyridamole using different solvents and crystallization conditions.
X-ray diffraction spectra and differential scanning calorimetry study of the newly developed crystals, clearly indicate that dipyridamole exist in different crystal modification, and the dissolution rate of Newly developed crystals was found to be greater than the pure drug dipyridsamole. Expand
Studies in the development of nateglinide loaded calcium alginate and chitosan coated calcium alginate beads.
It is evident that the rate of drug release and its kinetics could be controlled by changing the chitosan and the calcium chloride concentrations. Expand
A Protease Isolated from the Latex of Plumeria rubra Linn (Apocynaceae) 1: Purification and Characterization
Purpose: To isolate, purify and characterize protease from the latex of the plant. Methods: Protease was isolated from the latex of Plumeria rubra Linn using acetone precipitation method and purifiedExpand
Preparation and characterization of indomethacin loaded ionically crosslinked microspheres using chitosan
Microspheres loaded with Indomethacin were prepared by employing ionotropic gelation by using sodium tri polyphosphate (Na-TPP) as the crosslinking agent. Chitosan microspheres produced by anExpand
Ca2+ ion cross-linked interpenetrating network matrix tablets of polyacrylamide-grafted-sodium alginate and sodium alginate for sustained release of diltiazem hydrochloride
Interpenetrating network (IPN) matrix tablets of diltiazem-HCl (DTZ) was prepared by wet granulation method using polyacrylamide-grafted-sodium alginate (PAam-g-SAL) co-polymer and sodium alginateExpand