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Thermal analysis of the oxidation of V5S8 and V3S4
On donne les principaux processus d'oxydation. La temperature d'oxydation-decomposition augmente lineairement avec pO 2 . Calcul des valeurs des enthalpies
Thermoelectric wear in tools
Abstract Thermoelectric tool wear was measured by the thermocurrent generated in Machine-Tool-Workpiece-Machine (MTWM) circuit. The relationship between thermocurrent and the cutting parameters inExpand
Mechanism of hydroxylamine-induced inhibition of beta-galactosidase synthesis in Escherichia coli.
It is demonstrated that in some strains, the HA effect involves catabolite repression in addition to interference with translation of the specific m-RNA, and the use of HA as a specific inhibitor of chain initiation is thus limited in such strains. Expand
Thermal analysis and kinetics of oxidation of “Cr3S4” and “Cr2S3”
Abstract The thermal analysis and kinetics of oxidation of monoclinic “Cr 3 S 4 ”, trigonal “Cr 2 S 3 ” and rhombohedral “Cr 2 S 3 ” phases were studied by using both thermogravimetry and highExpand
Thermal analysis and kinetics of oxidation of molybdenum sulfides
AbstractThe thermal oxidation process of stoichiometric MoS2 and nonstoichiometric “Mo2S3”, together with the kinetics of oxidation of MoS2, were studied by using TG and DTA techniques in the Po2Expand
Evaluation of a glass-ceramic coating for machine tool slides
With a view to protect steel against mechanical wear and tear under dry sliding conditions, a glass-ceramic coating of composition RO-R′2O-Al2O3-SiO2 (R = Ca, Mg; R′ = Na, K, Li), with TiO2 and P2O5Expand
Oxidation of copper chevrel phase Cu2Mo6S8−y
Abstract Oxidation of Chevrel pahse Cu 2 Mo 6 S 7.75 was studied by using TG and DTA methods at temperature below 650°C in air. The DTA curve of Cu 2 Mo 6 S 7.75 in air at 10°C/min showed 4Expand