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Radioactive gold nanoparticles in cancer therapy: therapeutic efficacy studies of GA-198AuNP nanoconstruct in prostate tumor-bearing mice.
UNLABELLED Biocompatibility studies and cancer therapeutic applications of nanoparticulate beta-emitting gold-198 (198Au; beta(max) = 0.96 MeV; half-life of 2.7 days) are described. Gum arabicExpand
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In Vivo Evaluation and Small-Animal PET/CT of a Prostate Cancer Mouse Model Using 64Cu Bombesin Analogs: Side-by-Side Comparison of the CB-TE2A and DOTA Chelation Systems
The BB2 receptor subtype, of the bombesin family of receptors, has been shown to be highly overexpressed in a variety of human tumors, including prostate cancer. Bombesin (BBN), a 14-amino acidExpand
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OPT3 Is a Component of the Iron-Signaling Network between Leaves and Roots and Misregulation of OPT3 Leads to an Over-Accumulation of Cadmium in Seeds
SUMMARY Long-distance communication between leaves and roots are key to properly regulate the uptake of trace metals from the soil. The molecular basis of this shoot-to-root signaling is currentlyExpand
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Pertechnetate immobilization with amorphous iron sulfide
Abstract The reduction of pertechnetate (TcO4−) with freshly prepared amorphous iron sulfide was investigated. The amorphous iron sulfide (FeS) was shown to have an elemental composition of FeS0.97Expand
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Radiometals for combined imaging and therapy.
Cathy S. Cutler,*,† Heather M. Hennkens,† Nebiat Sisay,†,‡ Sandrine Huclier-Markai, and Silvia S. Jurisson‡ †University of Missouri Research Reactor Center, Columbia, Missouri 65211, United StatesExpand
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Design and characterization of alpha-melanotropin peptide analogs cyclized through rhenium and technetium metal coordination.
alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) analogs, cyclized through site-specific rhenium (Re) and technetium (Tc) metal coordination, were structurally characterized and analyzed for theirExpand
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Potential technetium small molecule radiopharmaceuticals.
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Nanocompatible chemistry toward fabrication of target-specific gold nanoparticles.
Nanocompatible chemistry which utilizes a novel nontoxic phosphino amino acid as a reducing agent has resulted in the development of therapeutically useful gold nanoparticles under biologicallyExpand
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Changes in iron availability in Arabidopsis are rapidly sensed in the leaf vasculature and impaired sensing leads to opposite transcriptional programs in leaves and roots.
The OLIGOPEPTIDE TRANSPORTER 3 (OPT3) has recently been identified as a component of the systemic network mediating iron (Fe) deficiency responses in Arabidopsis. Reduced expression of OPT3 inducesExpand
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The single-pass cerebral extraction and capillary permeability-surface area product of several putative cerebral blood flow imaging agents.
We have determined cerebral blood flow (CBF) and the single-pass cerebral extraction (E) of several putative agents for external imaging of CBF. Simultaneous measurements of blood flow and extractionExpand
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