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Searching for non-aggressive targets
Faced with the possibility of losing their position due to domestic opposition, political leaders may sometimes consider initiating a foreign conflict as a means to redirect attention away from
Foreign Targets and Diversionary Conflict
  • S. Jung
  • Political Science
  • 1 September 2014
When does domestic unrest lead to interstate conflict? I present the diversionary target theory that argues that domestically troubled states are more likely to use military force against some, but
Nearly massless electrons in the silicon interface with a metal film.
It is found that the surface band of a monolayer lead film drives a hole band of the Si inversion layer formed at the interface with the film to have a nearly linear dispersion with an effective mass about 20 times lighter than bulk Si and comparable to graphene.
The Indo-Pacific Strategy and US Alliance Network Expandability: Asian Middle Powers’ Positions on Sino-US Geostrategic Competition in Indo-Pacific Region
ABSTRACT Will the US-led Indo-Pacific strategy lead to an extensive alliance network against China? This article shifts focus to non-Quad Asian states—in particular, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South
Adsorption structure of pyrazine on Si(100): Density-functional calculations
We have studied the adsorption structure of pyrazine $({\text{C}}_{4}{\text{H}}_{4}{\text{N}}_{2})$ on the Si(100) surface by using density-functional theory calculations within a slab