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Myeloma cell adhesion to bone marrow stromal cells confers drug resistance by microRNA-21 up-regulation
Investigation of microRNA-21 (miR-21) expression changes in myeloma cells that adhered to bone marrow stromal cells found that up-regulation of miR- 21 expression was partially driven by nuclear factor-κB (NF-κBs) signaling via myel cancer cell adhesion to BMSCs. Expand
Circulating cell-free DNA in serum as a biomarker for diagnosis and prognostic prediction of colorectal cancer
Combined detection of ALU115, ALU247/115 and CEA could improve the diagnostic efficiency for CRC and be valuable in early complementary diagnosis and monitoring of progression and prognosis of CRC. Expand
Antioxidant properties of quercetin.
Quercetin has a higher reduction potential compared with curcumin at three different pH settings and is comparable to Trolox at pH 7-9.5, providing a physico-chemical basis for comparing antioxidants, with potential benefits individually or in combination. Expand
The potential role of RNA N6-methyladenosine in Cancer progression
This review focuses on the physiological functions of m6A modification and its related regulators, as well as on the potential biological roles of these elements in human tumors. Expand
Value of circulating cell-free DNA in diagnosis of hepatocelluar carcinoma.
Quantitative analysis of cfDNA is sensitive and feasible, and the combined detection of cf DNA with AFP or AFU or both could improve the diagnostic sensitivity for HCC. Expand
Livin gene plays a role in drug resistance of colon cancer cells.
Investigation of the effect of knockdown of Livin expression on reversing drug resistance phenotype of colon cancer HCT-8/V cells suggests that specific silencing of LivIn gene expression could be a promising target for further research in clinical chemotherapy of colon cancers. Expand
miRNA-202 in bone marrow stromal cells affects the growth and adhesion of multiple myeloma cells by regulating B cell-activating factor
It is suggested that miR-202 functions as a modulator that can negatively regulate BAFF by inhibiting MM cell survival, growth, and adhesion in the bone marrow microenvironment. Expand
Inhibition of class II histone deacetylase blocks proliferation and promotes neuronal differentiation of the embryonic rat neural progenitor cells.
It is demonstrated that in the situation of not affecting survival and migration, HDAC inhibition may induce more neuronal differentiation. Expand
Long non-coding RNA HULC as a novel serum biomarker for diagnosis and prognosis prediction of gastric cancer
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have recently emerged as vital players in tumor biology with potential value in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics. The lncRNA HULC (highly up-regulated inExpand
Recent advances in clinical applications of circulating cell-free DNA integrity.
This review will summarize the recently reported assays for detection of the circulating cell-free DNA (ccf-DNA) integrity and their clinical utility. Expand